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Classic Rock Concerts

Exposition Gardens - Opera House

Location 1601 W Northmoor Road
Peoria, Illinois 61614
United States
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Exposition Gardens is on the north side of Peoria city, home of the Heart of Illinois Fair and contains several concert venues; The Youth Building, Youth Building Foyer, The Opera House and the Richwoods High School Stadium.

Who has been to Exposition Gardens - Opera House (2 total)

mikerock 26 times
JW 1 time

Concerts at Exposition Gardens - Opera House [add one]

1965 Jun 20paul peterson/ bobby& the argyles/ the rivieras/ the kinks
1966 Apr 24big john& the mark VI/ the vagrants/ the kingsmen
1966 Oct 2don bailey/ dianna duke/ the wilbur brothers
1967 Jan 14the shadows of knight
1967 Feb 4the impalas/ the buckinghams
1967 Jun 14the shags/ the shadows of knight
1967 Aug 4the coachman/ mitch ryder & the detroit wheels
1967 Aug 23suburban9-5/ the grass roots/every mothers son
1967 Aug 25the happening/5th estate/ music explosion/ the buckinghams/ gene pitney
1967 Sep 3the new coachman/ the cryin shames
1967 Sep 18suburban9-5/ the soul survivors/ the american breed
1967 Oct 21 the east siders/ michael& the messangers
1967 Nov 21suburban9-5/ the coachman/ the soul survivors/ the hollies
1968 Jan 13the rowells/ the outsiders
1968 Mar 10 the suburban 9 to 5/ the new coachman/ the who
1968 Mar 29darwin theories/ clark weber
1968 Apr 7the coachman/ the cryin shames
1968 Apr 28the buster browns/ the mauds
1968 Jun 14the shags/ the buckinghams
1968 Jun 27the suburban 9 to5/ the cryin shames
1969 Mar 4yellow bird/ north bridge camp/ page4/ ace of spades/ winter harvest, battle of the bands
1969 May 17dj dan/ bob lamm&john walinand the alliance/ the foundations
1969 May 29jam factory/ the stoned soul/ bob seger system
1970 Mar 29arthur candy/ blues image/ iron butterfly
1970 Jul 4thrush/ 2 plus 5/ the guess who
1970 Nov 19burton& applegate/ reo speedwagon/ bb king

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