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Classic Rock Concerts

The Riviera

Location 1055 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
United States
Opened 2000
Closed 2003
map of The Riviera and surrounding area

Since this venue is closed it may not appear on the map, or you may be looking at a newer venue that has replaced it at the same location.

Who has been to The Riviera (1 total)

sputnik13 8 times

Concerts at The Riviera [add one]

2000 Sep 9Apoptygma Berzerk
2000 Sep 9VNV Nation
2000 Sep 9Noxious Emotion
2001 Apr 7Covenant
2001 Apr 7And One
2001 Nov 26VNV Nation
2001 Nov 26Icon of Coil
2002 Mar 24Funker Vogt

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