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Classic Rock Concerts

Kinetic Playground

Formerly Electric Theater (1968)
Location Clark St and Lawrence Ave
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Opened April 5, 1968
Owner Aaron Russo
Operator Aaron Russo
Wikipedia Kinetic Playground

The Kinetic Playground was opened by entertainment businessman Aaron Russo at age 25. The club was originally called Electric Theater but Russo was sued by the owners of New York's Electric Circus and changed the club's name a few months after opening.

The venue was closed after being badly damaged by a fire. It is not related to the Kinetic Playground venue currently (2008) operating in Chicago.

map of Kinetic Playground and surrounding area

Who has been to Kinetic Playground (9 total)

moon1287 1 time
barneylater 1 time
powyss 1 time
markbattin 1 time
bgbrobru 2 times
mikerock 8 times
dubieltony 1 time
NYCSF37 1 time
Tdog 1 time

Concerts at Kinetic Playground [add one]

1968 Jul 20Jeff Beck
1968 Aug 1The Who
1969 Feb 7Led Zeppelin
1969 Feb 8Led Zeppelin
1969 May 23Led Zeppelin
1969 May 24Led Zeppelin
1969 May 29The Who
1969 May 30The Who
1969 May 31The Who
1969 Jul 18Led Zeppelin
1969 Jul 19Led Zeppelin
1969 Oct 19Led Zeppelin
1969 Oct 31The Who
1973 Jan 19flash/ jojo gunne. blue oyster cult
1973 Jan 20flash/jojo gunne/ blue oyster cult
1973 Feb 4john martyn/free/traffic
1973 Feb 17 commander cody& his lost planet airmen
1973 Feb 18john mclaughlin/aerosmith
1973 Mar 24hookfoot/ focus/ foghat
2008 Jan 4the schwag

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