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Formerly Capitol Ballroom (1995-1999)
Location 1015 Half Street SE
Washington, District of Columbia
United States
Opened 1999
Closed July 16, 2006
Wikipedia Nation (nightclub)
map of Nation and surrounding area

Since this venue is closed it may not appear on the map, or you may be looking at a newer venue that has replaced it at the same location.

Who has been to Nation (2 total)

hagler3 1 time
rudychilds 1 time

Concerts at Nation [add one]

1996 Apr 13Dead Fucking Last
1996 Apr 13Sublime
1996 Apr 13Wesley Willis
1996 Jul 17Spacehog
1996 Jul 177 Year Bitch
1996 Jul 17Everclear
1996 Jul 17Tracy Bonham
1997 Oct 12David Bowie
1998 Mar 11Primus, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 11Blink-182, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 11Long Beach Dub Allstars, SnoCore Tour
1998 Mar 11The Aquabats, SnoCore Tour
2002 Feb 10Judas Priest
2002 Aug 22L.A. Guns
2002 Aug 22Dokken, Metal Edge's Rock Fest
2002 Aug 22Ratt, Metal Edge's Rock Fest
2002 Aug 22Warrant, Metal Edge's Rock Fest
2002 Aug 22Firehouse, Metal Edge's Rock Fest

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