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Classic Rock Concerts



Full name Steven Reeder
Country United States
Member since April 5, 2011
1983 Feb 4KISS, Lakeland
1983 Dec 29KISS, Lakeland
1984 Jul 3Judas Priest, Lakeland
1986 Jan 7W.A.S.P., Tampa
1986 Jan 7KISS, Tampa
1987 Mar 2Ratt, Orlando
1987 Mar 2Poison, Orlando
1988 Feb 14Ted Nugent, Jacksonville
1988 Feb 14KISS, Jacksonville
1988 Sep 12Def Leppard, Lakeland
1988 Sep 12Queensryche, Lakeland
1988 Sep 17Judas Priest, Lakeland
1988 Sep 17Cinderella, Lakeland
1989 Feb 10Bon Jovi, Orlando
1989 Mar 14Poison, Orlando
1989 Mar 14Tesla, Orlando
1989 Apr 9Cinderella, Orlando
1989 Apr 9Winger, Orlando
1989 Apr 25Kix, Lakeland
1989 Apr 25Ratt, Lakeland
1989 Jul 29The Who, Tampa
1989 Aug 4Tesla, Orlando
1989 Aug 4Great White, Orlando
1989 Sep 4Cinderella, Daytona Beach
1989 Sep 24Bon Jovi, Lakeland
1990 Mar 3Alice Cooper, Kissimmee
1990 Apr 25Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Orlando
1990 Apr 25Aerosmith, Orlando
1990 Aug 1KISS, Jacksonville
1990 Aug 1Slaughter, Jacksonville
1990 Aug 2Slaughter, Orlando
1990 Aug 2KISS, Orlando
1992 May 3KISS, Atlanta
1992 Oct 29KISS, Daytona Beach
1992 Oct 30KISS, Tampa
1993 Mar 13Ace Frehley, Orlando
1993 Mar 23Bon Jovi, Nashville
1994 Mar 31Ace Frehley, Orlando
1995 Jul 15KISS, Schaumburg
1996 Jun 28KISS, Detroit
1996 Jul 16KISS, Rosemont
1996 Aug 10KISS, Milwaukee
1996 Oct 21KISS, Rosemont
1997 Apr 23KISS, Madison
1998 Feb 18Judas Priest, Chicago
1998 Feb 20Judas Priest, Milwaukee
1998 Dec 18KISS, Rockford
1998 Dec 20KISS, Milwaukee
1998 Dec 27KISS, Madison
1998 Dec 29KISS, Rosemont
1998 Dec 31KISS, Auburn Hills
2000 Mar 23KISS, Oakland
2000 Apr 11KISS, Orlando
2000 Apr 12KISS, Tampa
2000 May 11KISS, Rosemont
2000 May 12KISS, Rosemont
2000 May 13KISS, Columbus
2000 May 19KISS, Milwaukee
2000 May 24KISS, Auburn Hills
2000 May 25KISS, Auburn Hills
2000 Jul 11KISS, Madison
2000 Sep 5KISS, Rockford
2000 Sep 30KISS, Tinley Park
2000 Oct 11Rob Halford, Chicago
2001 Oct 5Alice Cooper, Merrillville
2001 Nov 28Twisted Sister, New York City
2001 Nov 28Sebastian Bach, New York City
2001 Nov 28Overkill, New York City
2001 Nov 28Anthrax, New York City
2001 Nov 28Ace Frehley, New York City
2002 Aug 9Ace Frehley, New York City
2002 Aug 25Judas Priest, Chicago
2002 Oct 23Alice Cooper, Chicago
2003 Sep 6KISS, East Troy
2003 Sep 6Aerosmith, East Troy
2003 Sep 26Aerosmith, Tinley Park
2003 Sep 26KISS, Tinley Park
2004 Jul 7KISS, Milwaukee
2004 Jul 9KISS, Tinley Park
2005 Jun 3Queensryche, Tinley Park
2005 Jun 3Judas Priest, Tinley Park
2005 Oct 1Judas Priest, Milwaukee
2005 Dec 3Journey, Waukegan
2006 Jan 25The Rolling Stones, Chicago
2006 Jul 14Alice Cooper, Waukegan
2006 Oct 18Iron Maiden, Rosemont
2008 Feb 19Iron Maiden, Inglewood
2008 Mar 8Ace Frehley, Milwaukee
2008 Jun 11 lauren harris/ iron maiden, Rosemont
2009 Jun 27KISS, Milwaukee
2009 Jul 2Judas Priest, Milwaukee
2009 Sep 25KISS, Detroit
2009 Nov 6KISS, Chicago
2010 Jul 18Iron Maiden, Tinley Park
2010 Sep 2KISS, Milwaukee
2010 Sep 12KISS, Cuyahoga Falls

Stories by stievenb

stievenb 2011 Apr 5

Unplugged setlist

on KISS, 1995 Jul 15

C`mon and love me
Nothin`to lose
Take me
Do you love me / Let me know
Sure know something
Callin`Dr love
Plaster caster
Hard luck woman
World without heroes
100.000 Years
Rock bottom / Makin`love
Cold gin
Got to choose
Christine sixteen
I still love you
Spit / God of thunder
I want you
Let`s put the X in sex
See you tonight / Mr speed

stievenb 2011 Apr 5


on Judas Priest, 2002 Aug 25

Closing night of "Demolition" tour; final performance of Tim "Ripper" Owens with Judas Priest


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