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Classic Rock Concerts



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1957 Mar 31Elvis Presley, Detroit
1964 Jun 14The Rolling Stones, Detroit
1964 Sep 6The Beatles, Detroit
1965 Aug 25MC5, Detroit
1965 Nov 26The Rolling Stones, Detroit
1965 Dec 12The Yardbirds, Flint
1965 Dec 26The Yardbirds, Saginaw
1966 May 12The Beach Boys, Lansing
1966 Jul 8The Rolling Stones, Detroit
1966 Aug 13The Beatles, Detroit
1966 Oct 7MC5, Detroit
1966 Oct 8MC5, Detroit
1966 Oct 14MC5, Detroit
1966 Oct 15MC5, Detroit
1966 Nov 12MC5, Detroit
1966 Nov 18The Yardbirds, Detroit
1966 Nov 19The Yardbirds, Detroit
1966 Nov 19MC5, Detroit
1966 Nov 20The Yardbirds, Detroit
1966 Dec 10MC5, Detroit
1966 Dec 10The Beach Boys, East Lansing
1966 Dec 17Bob Seger, Ann Arbor
1966 Dec 17MC5, Detroit
1966 Dec 26MC5, Detroit
1966 Dec 27The Yardbirds, Ann Arbor
1966 Dec 31MC5, Detroit
1967 Apr 9The Velvet Underground, Ann Arbor
1967 Jun 14The Who, Ann Arbor
1967 Jun 30Jefferson Airplane, Detroit
1967 Aug 11Grateful Dead, Detroit
1967 Aug 12Grateful Dead, Detroit
1967 Aug 15Jimi Hendrix, Ann Arbor
1967 Oct 13Cream, Detroit
1967 Oct 14Cream, Detroit
1967 Oct 15Cream, Detroit
1967 Oct 27The James Gang, Detroit
1967 Nov 17The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1967 Dec 1The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1967 Dec 8Moby Grape, Detroit
1967 Dec 9Moby Grape, Detroit
1967 Dec 15Vanilla Fudge, Detroit
1967 Dec 16Vanilla Fudge, Detroit
1967 Dec 17Vanilla Fudge, Detroit
1967 Dec 21The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Detroit
1967 Dec 22Cream, Detroit
1967 Dec 23Cream, Detroit
1967 Dec 25MC5, Detroit
1967 Dec 27MC5, Detroit
1967 Dec 29John Lee Hooker, Detroit
1967 Dec 30John Lee Hooker, Detroit
1967 Dec 31MC5, Detroit
1968 Jan 19The Amboy Dukes, Detroit
1968 Jan 20The Amboy Dukes, Detroit
1968 Jan 23John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Detroit
1968 Feb 16Canned Heat, Detroit
1968 Feb 17Canned Heat, Detroit
1968 Feb 18The Byrds, Detroit
1968 Feb 23Jimi Hendrix, Detroit
1968 Mar 1Big Brother and the Holding Company, Detroit
1968 Mar 2Big Brother and the Holding Company, Detroit
1968 Mar 3Blood, Sweat & Tears, Detroit
1968 Mar 16The James Gang, Detroit
1968 Mar 17MC5, Detroit
1968 Mar 22Grateful Dead, Detroit
1968 Mar 23Grateful Dead, Detroit
1968 Mar 24MC5, Detroit
1968 Mar 29Sly & the Family Stone, Detroit
1968 Mar 30Sly & the Family Stone, Detroit
1968 Mar 31Sly & the Family Stone, Detroit
1968 Apr 5The Troggs, Detroit
1968 Apr 6The Troggs, Detroit
1968 Apr 7Junior Wells, Detroit
1968 Apr 10The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1968 Apr 12Traffic, Detroit
1968 Apr 13Traffic, Detroit
1968 Apr 17MC5, Detroit
1968 Apr 28The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1968 May 3The Yardbirds, Detroit
1968 May 4The Yardbirds, Detroit
1968 May 10James Cotton Blues Band, Detroit
1968 May 11James Cotton Blues Band, Detroit
1968 May 17Procol Harum, Detroit
1968 May 18Procol Harum, Detroit
1968 May 24The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Detroit
1968 May 25The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Detroit
1968 May 26The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Detroit
1968 May 31Love, Detroit
1968 Jun 1Love, Detroit
1968 Jun 7Cream, Detroit
1968 Jun 8Cream, Detroit
1968 Jun 9Cream, Detroit
1968 Jun 14The Soft Machine, Detroit
1968 Jun 15The Soft Machine, Detroit
1968 Jul 5The Jeff Beck Group, Detroit
1968 Jul 6The Jeff Beck Group, Detroit
1968 Jul 11Fleetwood Mac, Detroit
1968 Jul 12Pink Floyd, Detroit
1968 Jul 13Pink Floyd, Detroit
1968 Jul 19Spirit, Detroit
1968 Jul 20Spirit, Detroit
1968 Jul 21Spirit, Detroit
1968 Jul 26The Steve Miller Band, Detroit
1968 Jul 27The Steve Miller Band, Detroit
1968 Jul 28The Steve Miller Band, Detroit
1968 Aug 9Canned Heat, Detroit
1968 Aug 10Canned Heat, Detroit
1968 Aug 11Canned Heat, Detroit
1968 Aug 23Albert King, Detroit
1968 Aug 24Albert King, Detroit
1968 Aug 25Albert King, Detroit
1968 Aug 30Howlin' Wolf, Detroit
1968 Aug 31Howlin' Wolf, Detroit
1968 Sep 6B.B. King, Detroit
1968 Sep 7B.B. King, Detroit
1968 Sep 8B.B. King, Detroit
1968 Sep 13Procol Harum, Detroit
1968 Sep 14Procol Harum, Detroit
1968 Sep 15Procol Harum, Detroit
1968 Sep 20The Amboy Dukes, Detroit
1968 Sep 21The Amboy Dukes, Detroit
1968 Sep 22The Amboy Dukes, Detroit
1968 Oct 11John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Detroit
1968 Oct 12John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Detroit
1968 Oct 12Cream, Detroit
1968 Oct 13John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Detroit
1968 Oct 15Big Brother and the Holding Company, Detroit
1968 Oct 27MC5, Detroit
1968 Oct 30MC5, Detroit
1968 Oct 31MC5, Detroit
1968 Nov 1The Jeff Beck Group, Detroit
1968 Nov 2The Jeff Beck Group, Detroit
1968 Nov 3The Jeff Beck Group, Detroit
1968 Nov 8Buddy Guy Blues Band, Detroit
1968 Nov 9Buddy Guy Blues Band, Detroit
1968 Nov 10Buddy Guy Blues Band, Detroit
1968 Nov 15The Steve Miller Band, Detroit
1968 Nov 16The Steve Miller Band, Detroit
1968 Nov 17The Moody Blues, Detroit
1968 Nov 22Tim Buckley, Detroit
1968 Nov 23Tim Buckley, Detroit
1968 Nov 24Jefferson Airplane, Detroit
1968 Nov 27MC5, Detroit
1968 Nov 28MC5, Detroit
1968 Nov 29Blood, Sweat & Tears, Detroit
1968 Nov 30Jimi Hendrix, Detroit
1968 Dec 1Grateful Dead, Detroit
1968 Dec 6Canned Heat, Detroit
1968 Dec 7Canned Heat, Detroit
1968 Dec 8Canned Heat, Detroit
1968 Dec 13Deep Purple, Detroit
1968 Dec 14Deep Purple, Detroit
1968 Dec 20Iron Butterfly, Detroit
1968 Dec 21Iron Butterfly, Detroit
1968 Dec 26Fleetwood Mac, Detroit
1968 Dec 27Fleetwood Mac, Detroit
1969 Jan 17Led Zeppelin, Detroit
1969 Jan 18Led Zeppelin, Detroit
1969 Jan 19Led Zeppelin, Detroit
1969 Mar 30Blood, Sweat & Tears, Detroit
1969 May 2Jimi Hendrix, Detroit
1969 May 17The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1969 Jun 6MC5, Detroit
1969 Jun 7MC5, Detroit
1969 Jul 13MC5, Detroit
1969 Aug 8Alice Cooper, Detroit
1969 Aug 9Alice Cooper, Detroit
1969 Nov 1Alice Cooper, Detroit
1969 Nov 21Little Richard, Birmingham
1969 Nov 22Little Richard, Birmingham
1969 Dec 6The Amboy Dukes, Birmingham
1969 Dec 19Fleetwood Mac, Birmingham
1969 Dec 20Bob Seger, Birmingham
1970 Jan 2Alice Cooper, Detroit
1970 Jan 3Alice Cooper, Detroit
1970 Jan 9The Amboy Dukes, Birmingham
1970 Jan 10The Amboy Dukes, Birmingham
1970 Jan 30Alice Cooper, Detroit
1970 Jan 31Alice Cooper, Detroit
1970 Feb 20Alice Cooper, Birmingham
1970 Feb 21Alice Cooper, Birmingham
1970 Mar 7Spirit, Birmingham
1970 Mar 13James Cotton Blues Band, Birmingham
1970 Mar 14James Cotton Blues Band, Birmingham
1970 Mar 20Johnny Winter, Birmingham
1970 Mar 21Johnny Winter, Birmingham
1970 Mar 27Funkadelic, Birmingham
1970 Mar 28Funkadelic, Birmingham
1970 Apr 10Iggy & the Stooges, Birmingham
1970 Apr 17The Faces, Birmingham
1970 Apr 18The Faces, Birmingham
1970 Apr 24The Tony Williams Lifetime, Birmingham
1970 Apr 25The Tony Williams Lifetime, Birmingham
1970 May 2Bob Seger, Birmingham
1970 May 8Alice Cooper, Birmingham
1970 May 9Alice Cooper, Birmingham
1970 Jun 5Iggy & the Stooges, Birmingham
1970 Jun 12Bob Seger, Birmingham
1970 Jul 10Bo Diddley, Birmingham
1970 Jul 24Iggy & the Stooges, Birmingham
1970 Sep 11The Amboy Dukes, Birmingham
1970 Sep 26Johnny Winter, Birmingham
1970 Oct 10Iggy & the Stooges, Birmingham
1970 Oct 14The Faces, Birmingham
1970 Oct 31The Amboy Dukes, Birmingham
1970 Nov 28Badfinger, Birmingham
1970 Dec 5Big Brother and the Holding Company, Birmingham
1970 Dec 12Iggy & the Stooges, Birmingham
1970 Dec 19Humble Pie, Birmingham
1971 Jan 2Alice Cooper, Birmingham
1971 Jan 16Parliament Funkadelic, Birmingham
1971 Jan 23Chuck Berry, Birmingham
1971 Jan 29Bob Seger, Birmingham
1971 Jan 30Bob Seger, Birmingham
1971 Feb 6Edgar Winter's White Trash, Birmingham
1971 Feb 26The Allman Brothers Band, Detroit
1971 Feb 27The Allman Brothers Band, Detroit
1971 Mar 6The Amboy Dukes, Birmingham
1971 Mar 13The Flying Burrito Brothers, Birmingham
1971 Mar 27Cactus, Birmingham
1971 Apr 3Buddy Miles, Birmingham
1971 Apr 10Badfinger, Birmingham
1971 Apr 17Little Feat, Birmingham
1971 Apr 24Iggy & the Stooges, Birmingham
1971 May 1The Amboy Dukes, Birmingham
1971 May 8The Velvet Underground, Birmingham
1971 May 15Bob Seger, Birmingham
1971 May 25The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1971 Jun 11The Allman Brothers Band, Detroit
1971 Jun 12The Allman Brothers Band, Detroit
1971 Sep 11Bob Seger, Birmingham
1971 Sep 18MC5, Birmingham
1972 Jan 19Deep Purple, Detroit
1972 Mar 13Fleetwood Mac, Detroit
1972 Mar 14Fleetwood Mac, Detroit
1972 Apr 2Nazareth, Detroit
1972 Apr 2Deep Purple, Detroit
1972 Apr 23Procol Harum, Detroit
1972 Apr 24Procol Harum, Detroit
1972 May 25Deep Purple, Detroit
1972 Dec 22Blue Oyster Cult, Detroit
1972 Dec 31The New York Dolls, Detroit
1973 Mar 9Lou Reed, Detroit
1973 Mar 27Iggy & the Stooges, Detroit
1973 May 12The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1973 Aug 26Robin Trower, Detroit
1973 Sep 22The New York Dolls, Detroit
1973 Oct 6Iggy & the Stooges, Detroit
1973 Oct 13Spirit, Detroit
1973 Oct 23Electric Light Orchestra, Detroit
1973 Oct 23Foghat, Detroit
1973 Nov 2The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1974 Jan 7Aerosmith, Detroit
1974 Jan 30Aerosmith, East Lansing
1974 Feb 9Iggy & the Stooges, Detroit
1974 Feb 23Badfinger, Detroit
1974 Apr 7KISS, Detroit
1974 Apr 12KISS, Detroit
1974 Apr 13KISS, Detroit
1974 Apr 14Aerosmith, Detroit
1974 Apr 26Robin Trower, Detroit
1974 May 10The Mothers of Invention, Flint
1974 Jun 21Aerosmith, Detroit
1974 Jul 2The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1974 Sep 28KISS, Detroit
1974 Nov 23The Mothers of Invention, East Lansing
1975 May 17The Mothers of Invention, Kalamazoo
1975 May 18The Mothers of Invention, Detroit
1975 Nov 18The Mothers of Invention, Ann Arbor
1976 May 10Bob Marley & the Wailers, Detroit
1976 Nov 19Frank Zappa, Detroit
1977 Sep 21Frank Zappa, Mount Pleasant
1977 Sep 30Frank Zappa, Detroit
1977 Nov 6Frank Zappa, Ann Arbor
1977 Nov 23The Ramones, Detroit
1978 Jun 4Bob Marley & the Wailers, Detroit
1978 Sep 25Frank Zappa, Kalamazoo
1978 Oct 11Genesis, East Lansing
1978 Oct 29Leon Russell, East Lansing
1978 Nov 17Bruce Springsteen, East Lansing
1979 Nov 10Bob Marley & the Wailers, Detroit
1980 Mar 10The Clash, Detroit
1980 Mar 20Iggy Pop, Detroit
1980 Mar 23The Ramones, Detroit
1980 Mar 31The Pretenders, Detroit
1980 Apr 28Public Image Ltd., Detroit
1980 Apr 30The Pretenders, Detroit
1980 May 26Johnny Winter, Detroit
1980 Jul 14Devo, Detroit
1980 Sep 22Iggy Pop, Detroit
1980 Sep 23Iggy Pop, Detroit
1980 Sep 24Iggy Pop, Detroit
1980 Sep 25Iggy Pop, Detroit
1980 Sep 26Iggy Pop, Detroit
1980 Sep 27Iggy Pop, Detroit
1980 Nov 26Frank Zappa, Detroit
1981 Apr 18U2, Detroit
1981 Nov 25Frank Zappa, Detroit
1982 Mar 3Cheap Trick, East Lansing
1982 Nov 7Devo, East Lansing
1982 Dec 3Pantera, Roseville
1982 Dec 4Pantera, Roseville
1983 Dec 6The Alarm, Roseville
1984 Apr 5The Clash, East Lansing
1984 Nov 21Frank Zappa, Royal Oak
1985 Dec 14Motorhead, Detroit
1988 Feb 27Frank Zappa, Royal Oak

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