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1973 May 5Led Zeppelin, Tampa
1973 Aug 5The J. Geils Band, Tampa
1974 May 4The J. Geils Band, Tampa
1974 Jul 21ZZ Top, Tampa
1974 Aug 23Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Tampa
1975 Mar 27Lynyrd Skynyrd, St. Petersburg
1975 Dec 31The Allman Brothers Band, Lakeland
1976 Apr 30Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lakeland
1977 Jun 3Led Zeppelin, Tampa

Stories by mscorl

mscorl 2010 Jun 28

The Tampa Riot

on Led Zeppelin, 1977 Jun 3

I was at the concert. Drove over from Orlando and got there early. Just before the show started the sky started to turn dark indicating a late-afternoon, early evening typical Florida thunderstorm. The show starts and the band sounded ready then getting into the third song the lightening starts getting close with the loud thunder. The band stops and the crowd presumes Zep will be back. We pull out our rain protector and sit chatting with our neighbors in the stands. The rain stops after about 30/45 minutes. Suddenly an annoucement is made that Elvis has left the building. There was much disbelief so we just hang out. Then the trouble begins.

In the infield some fans start jumping up onto the stage barrier. Just a couple at first and then a few more. I recollect that there was not that many, less than 10 or so. Well the cops start banging these over zealous, disappointed fans with billy clubs on the head. Very violent response we thought. The infield starts to react to the scene with boos and throwing stuff, but not really out of hand. Next the police charge into the infield, and start to clear the infield in a man-handleing way. We continue to observe in the stands. As people are watching the scene, some of the fans jump into the infield. This prompts more violent reaction from the police and as they say the rest is history.

Within a few minutes cops come into the stands and strongly direct us to get out NOW. We did so with no particular problem.

Anecdote - I was planning to stay at my parents' house in Tampa but given the early time we decide to head back to Orlando. I forgot to call my parents (pre-cell phone) and I got a call from my Dad at 7:30AM the next morning and let's just say he was pissed! Oops

We mailed the tickets back for refunds but I sure wish I had saved it now.

mscorl 2010 Jun 28


on Led Zeppelin, 1973 May 5

As a Tampa native coming of age in the early to mid-seventies I have to say I was certainly lucky to see some amazing concert at the Big Sombrero. As a kid I started selling cokes at Tampa Stadium and some years later I moved to parking cars. In both cases I was allowed access to view the concerts and football games (pre-Bucs).
In 1973 I was still selling cokes and I was real excited about the Led Zeppelin Concert since my oldest brother had the first two albums. So I go early get set up and man it was packed! In two hours I cleared over $50 and the band had not come out (my average take was maybe $15-20 at concerts). Being a rock ā€˜nā€™ roll youngster I decided to forego my job and enjoy the show. I had become very adept and winding my way through and I was able to get 20 feet or so in front of the stage. WOW! What a sound! And what a crowd, hard core in many ways!
If I am not mistaken this concert held the record as the largest attended stadium show for several years.

mscorl 2010 Jun 28

Big Bro

on The J. Geils Band, 1973 Aug 5

My brother gave me a ticket and I sat with his friends on the floor close to the stage. It was the first time we went to a concert together. Marshall Tucker Band opened and they country-rocked and they were great and fairly new to the Southern Rock scene. Then the masters took over with their hard driving, no prisoners Rock 'n Roll.

mscorl 2010 Jun 30


on Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, 1974 Aug 23

Someone lets off loud fireworks during a Graham Nash song. Graham walks off stage. Stephen Stills admonishes the violator and convinces Graham to return.


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