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Full name Jami Cat
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Country United States
Member since May 30, 2011
1983 Apr 23Aerosmith, Orlando
1985 Oct 4Dio, Lakeland
1988 Sep 17Judas Priest, Lakeland

Stories by jamicat

jamicat 2011 May 30

Show Notes...

on Aerosmith, 1983 Apr 23

Bryan Adams sounded good.
Sammy Hagar was a Monster at that time.
Steven Tyler's Mic wasn't working in the opening he got pissed :)
It started raining by the time Journey came on if I remember correctly.

jamicat 2011 May 30

The Last In Line Tour

on Dio, 1985 Oct 4

I believe Ruff Cutt was there w/Jake E.Lee...Didn't know the tunes wasn't impressed.

Girls I was with made me leave early >:


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