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1977 Jun 3Led Zeppelin, Tampa
1977 Jun 23The Outlaws, St. Petersburg
1977 Jun 23Bad Company, St. Petersburg
1977 Nov 5The Doobie Brothers, Lakeland
1977 Nov 5Pablo Cruise, Lakeland
1978 May 18Aerosmith, Lakeland
1978 May 18Mahogany Rush, Lakeland
1978 Aug 19Black Oak Arkansas, Tampa
1978 Aug 19Atlanta Rhythm Section, Tampa
1978 Aug 19Alvin Lee, Tampa
1978 Aug 19Seals & Crofts, Tampa
1978 Aug 19Joe Cocker, Tampa
1978 Oct 8The Cars, Lakeland
1978 Oct 8Foreigner, Lakeland
1978 Nov 3Van Halen, St. Petersburg
1978 Nov 3Black Sabbath, St. Petersburg
1978 Dec 9Ambrosia, Lakeland
1978 Dec 9The Doobie Brothers, Lakeland
1979 Mar 14The Babys, Lakeland
1979 Mar 14Styx, Lakeland
1979 Jul 8The Screams, Lakeland
1979 Jul 8Van Halen, Lakeland
1979 Aug 24Mother's Finest, Lakeland
1979 Aug 24Ted Nugent, Lakeland
1979 Sep 21The Guess Who, St. Petersburg
1979 Oct 20The Knack, St. Petersburg
1979 Nov 17REO Speedwagon, Lakeland
1979 Nov 17Pat Travers, Lakeland
1980 Jan 26Eagles, Tampa
1980 Jan 26Jimmy Buffett, Tampa
1980 Apr 5Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, Orlando
1981 Jul 4REO Speedwagon, Orlando
1982 Jan 28AC/DC, Lakeland
2010 Sep 16Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tampa
2010 Sep 16ZZ Top, Tampa
2010 Oct 8REO Speedwagon, Clearwater
2010 Oct 8Eddie Money, Clearwater

Stories by flamks

flamks 2010 Aug 11

on Styx, 1979 Jan 21

Rescheduled to March 14th, I attended and the sound system was the best I experienced in concert as the speakers hung from the ceiling providing better sound. Two people I work with now also attended, although I didn't know them at the time.

flamks 2010 Aug 11

on AC/DC, 1982 Jan 28

My last concert for 28 years. Have tickets to Tom Petty/ZZ Top on Sept 16, 2010 and REO Speedwagon/Eddie Money on Oct 8, 2010 breaking a long drought. Lots of great classic acts coming around that I have been missing. I am looking forward to seeing many more.

flamks 2010 Aug 11

on Van Halen, 1978 Nov 3

While Black Sabbath was the headlining act and great, I distinctly remember leaving Bayfront thinking how Van Halen clearly out rocked them and the crowd seemed to agree. This was their first tour according to Wikipedia. At the time I was only familiar with 2 Van Halen songs on their only album at the time, "You Really Got Me" and "Runnin' With The Devil". I often wish I had somehow knew to pay more attention to them but one never knows of upcoming superstars.

flamks 2010 Aug 12

on Led Zeppelin, 1977 Jun 3

This was my first concert at age 15. I remember a storm approached as they played the third song. The band announced they would wait for the storm to pass. After a half hour or so someone announced the concert would be postponed until the next night and people started chanting "rain or shine" which was printed on the tickets.

There were many police milling around behind the plywood barrier that separated the crowd from the stage. The crowd was pressing against the barrier and bulging it somewhat. I was to the left of the stage up in the stands at about the 20 yard line maybe 30 rows up. I saw a whiskey (or simular) bottle lobbed from about midfield that cleared the plywood barrier and hit a policeman in the side of the head.

Then all the police grouped in a crowd near where this happened and were obviously conversing. I knew this wasn't going to be good. Then they moved up towards us in the stands and we ran up a few rows, but they were only coming up to go back down onto the field. Once we saw this we decided to sit back down and watch as they were moving away from us. I then watched them seriously rough up some people with billyclubs. We soon decided to head out while things were still good in our area.

I sent my ticket in for the refund but about 2 years later I bought one from a friend who didn't send it in, so I have an original ticket which is probably somewhat rare at this point. I gave him the $10 he would have gotten had he sent it in.

flamks 2010 Aug 12

on Kansas, 1977 Oct 28

I bought the ticket but had just turned 16 and wasn't allowed to drive the 60 or so miles to the concert so it went unused. I continued to wear down my parents and on Nov 5, 1977 drove to the Doobie Brothers which opened the way for the rest of the concerts.

flamks 2010 Aug 12

on Tampa Jam I, 1978 Aug 19

Most of this concert was viewed from a field with a small set of stands available. We started out in the stands but when I heard a noise and looked behind me and saw the guy right behind me with a baggie full of hypodermic needles and he had just used one and dropped it when done, we moved to the grass field. I partied pretty strong at concerts, but I didn't need loose needles at my feet or someone flipping out behind me. Never got into the needle scene.

Lots of old bands at this one.

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