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Classic Rock Concerts



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1979 Sep 24Dire Straits, Clearwater
1979 Oct 19The Cars, Lakeland
1979 Nov 3Jethro Tull, Lakeland
1979 Dec 9Marshall Tucker Band, Lakeland
1980 May 1Heart, Lakeland
1980 Jul 16Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Casselberry
1984 Jan 14Blue Oyster Cult, New York City
1984 Oct 9Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Hempstead
1990 Oct 21Robert Plant, Orlando
1993 Aug 3Peter Gabriel, Orlando
1995 Mar 7Page & Plant, Orlando
1995 Mar 29Eric Burdon and War, Las Vegas
1995 Jun 9Santana, Orlando
1995 Sep 24Natalie Merchant, Orlando
1995 Sep 29Buddy Guy Blues Band, Orlando
1996 Jan 22AC/DC, Daytona Beach
1996 May 18The Steve Miller Band, Orlando
1997 May 22Styx, Orlando
1997 Sep 22Johnny Winter, Orlando
1997 Oct 3Aerosmith, Orlando
1997 Oct 30David Byrne, Orlando
1997 Nov 12U2, Jacksonville
1999 May 21Bad Company, Orlando
1999 Sep 19Buddy Guy Blues Band, Orlando
1999 Oct 9Alan Parsons Project, Orlando
1999 Oct 16Santana, Orlando
2003 May 14Eagles, Orlando
2005 May 28Blackfoot, Orlando
2007 May 12Steely Dan, Orlando

Stories by charlescambria

charlescambria 2010 May 18

Sammy on Halloween

on Sammy Hagar, 1999 Oct 31

The band came out dressed as women except for Mona she came out dress as a man. What a great show. Mid way thought sammy striped off his dress and bra. Very fun show.


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