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1977 Jul 22Ted Nugent, Jacksonville
1978 May 13Elvis Costello, Casselberry
1978 Jul 8Alice Cooper, Lakeland
1979 Jul 27Blackfoot, Daytona Beach
1979 Jul 29Blondie, Gainesville
1979 Aug 24Ted Nugent, Lakeland
1979 Nov 18REO Speedwagon, Gainesville
1980 Jan 20ZZ Top, Lakeland
1980 Feb 12Rick Derringer, Gainesville
1980 Jul 5ZZ Top, Orlando
1980 Sep 5Black Sabbath, Lakeland
1980 Oct 26The Allman Brothers Band, Gainesville
1981 Jan 3Rossington Collins Band, Jacksonville
1981 Apr 18Cheap Trick, Orlando
1981 Jul 4Foghat, Orlando
1981 Jul 29Blackfoot, Daytona Beach
1981 Oct 24The Rolling Stones, Orlando
1981 Oct 25The Rolling Stones, Orlando
1981 Oct 25Van Halen, Orlando
1982 Feb 21Black Sabbath, Lakeland
1982 Dec 17Aerosmith, Jacksonville
1983 Mar 16Rush, Jacksonville
1983 Apr 23Aerosmith, Orlando
1989 Nov 25The Rolling Stones, Jacksonville

Stories by acadx

acadx 2011 Apr 29

98 rock birthday party

on Thin Lizzy, 1979 Jul 21

one thing unusual that happened before the show it was raining people were crowded up under the roof by the glass front doors 98 rock had a big birthday cake in the lobby phil lynott and the rest of thin lizzy came to take pics and get some of the cake people started banging on the glass the glass shattered and people started running into the lobby they ended up opening the doors early
great show journey headlined

r.i.p. phil
also that is why i have the entire ticket, they had to open the doors the crowd was rushing in and everyone just stormed through the doors no way they could take our tickets, until the crowd died down, they were scared that someone would get hurt i think it was right after the who thing in cleveland

acadx 2011 Apr 29

on The Allman Brothers Band, 1980 Oct 26

i was there ill get the ticket stub scaned when i can the show was at the florida gym with bb king opening up
but hey the sun was shinning and the shrooms were majic

acadx 2011 Apr 29

on Van Halen, 1981 Oct 24

don't forget the henry paul band

acadx 2012 Mar 24


on Blue Oyster Cult, 1979 Jun 16

the fond memory i have from this show i was 15 years old my best friend was a few years older than me had a car and drove to the show, we met 2 really cute older college girls we had some weed and turned them on to it, we went behind the great southern music hall in the alley and burned one, the girls called it fwabbish, we all got stoned and one of the girls said i was cute and gave me a kiss, wow what a great memory, she was really cute and made my day, the show was awesome, the venue was to small for the lazer show they were doing at the time, it was the mirrors tour, Godzilla

acadx 2012 Mar 24

on The Rossington-Collins Band, 1981 Jul 4

i remember Foghat Kickin Ass that day

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