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Classic Rock Concerts



Country United States
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1978 Feb 24Nazareth, Casselberry
1980 Jan 20ZZ Top, Lakeland
1980 Apr 5Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, Orlando
1980 Jul 5ZZ Top, Orlando
1980 Sep 20Rehearsal: Rush, Lakeland
1980 Oct 8Linda Ronstadt, Lakeland
1980 Dec 31Molly Hatchet/The Outlaws, Lakeland
1981 Apr 18UFO, Orlando
1981 Apr 18Heart, Orlando
1981 Apr 18Cheap Trick, Orlando
1981 Apr 18Blue Oyster Cult, Orlando
1981 Jun 3Pat Travers, Casselberry
1981 Oct 11The Kinks, Lakeland
1981 Oct 24The Rolling Stones, Orlando
1981 Oct 24Van Halen, Orlando
1981 Oct 25The Rolling Stones, Orlando
1981 Oct 25Van Halen, Orlando
1981 Nov 17Grand Funk Railroad, Orlando
1982 Mar 3Triumph, Casselberry
1982 Apr 11Rehearsal: Rush, Lakeland
1982 Jun 29Eric Clapton, Lakeland
1982 Aug 26Kansas, Lakeland
1982 Sep 12The Grateful Dead, Lakeland
1984 Apr 26Scorpions, San Diego
1984 May 28Rush, San Diego
1990 Feb 23Rush, Orlando
2010 Oct 1Rush, Tampa

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