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1969 Oct 25Pink Floyd, Kortrijk
1969 Oct 25Frank Zappa, Kortrijk
1970 Aug 26Mighty Baby, Freshwater
1970 Aug 26Judas Jump, Freshwater
1970 Aug 26Kathy Smith, Freshwater
1970 Aug 26Rosalie Sorrels, Freshwater
1970 Aug 26Redbone, Freshwater
1970 Aug 26David Bromberg, Freshwater
1970 Aug 26Kris Kristofferson, Freshwater
1970 Aug 27The Groundhogs, Freshwater
1970 Aug 27Howl, Freshwater
1970 Aug 27Andy Roberts' Everyone, Freshwater
1970 Aug 27Supertramp, Freshwater
1970 Aug 27Gary Farr, Freshwater
1970 Aug 27Gilberto Gil, Freshwater
1970 Aug 27Terry Reid, Freshwater
1970 Aug 27Black Widow, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Family, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Chicago, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Tony Joe White, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Taste, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Lighthouse, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Arrival, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Fairfield Parlour, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Cactus, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Voices of East Harlem, Freshwater
1970 Aug 28Procol Harum, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Miles Davis, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Joni Mitchell, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29The Who, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Lighthouse, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Shawn Phillips, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29John Sebastian, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Melanie, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Sly & the Family Stone, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29The Doors, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Ten Years After, Freshwater
1970 Aug 29Tiny Tim, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Joan Baez, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Jimi Hendrix, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Good News, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Kris Kristofferson, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Ralph McTell, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Heaven, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Free, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Donovan, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Pentangle, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30The Moody Blues, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Jethro Tull, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Leonard Cohen, Freshwater
1970 Aug 30Richie Havens, Freshwater
1974 Dec 14Yes, Philadelphia
1977 Jun 20Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Philadelphia
1978 Feb 5Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Philadelphia
1978 Jun 17The Rolling Stones, Philadelphia
1978 Aug 4Crosby, Stills & Nash, Philadelphia
1981 Mar 1delbert mcclinton, New Orleans
1981 Mar 1Molly Hatchet, New Orleans
1981 Mar 1The Charlie Daniels Band, New Orleans
1981 Mar 1Kansas, New Orleans
1981 Jul 8Jefferson Starship, Mobile
1981 Jul 8.38 Special, Mobile
1981 Jul 19The Rockets, New Orleans
1981 Jul 19Heart, New Orleans
1981 Jul 19REO Speedwagon, New Orleans
1981 Jul 19Foghat, New Orleans
1981 Jul 19Ted Nugent, New Orleans
1981 Jul 28Alice Cooper, Biloxi
1981 Sep 5Van Halen, Biloxi
1981 Oct 24Electric Light Orchestra, Mobile
1982 Mar 6Molly Hatchet, Biloxi
1982 Aug 19Queen, Biloxi
1982 Aug 19Billy Squier, Biloxi
1982 Nov 14John Cougar, Biloxi
1982 Nov 14Heart, Biloxi
1982 Dec 1The Who, Biloxi
1983 May 29Styx, Biloxi
1984 Feb 23Billy Joel, Biloxi
1984 Aug 22Billy Idol, Biloxi
1986 Nov 29Lionel Richie, Biloxi
1987 May 20Three Dog Night, Biloxi

Stories by PaulStrauser

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Queen / Billy Squier Concert

on Queen, 1982 Aug 19

Went to this concert with Jimmy Hinkley and it was one of the top three concerts I ever seen in my life and I'm 63 and have seen Hendrix and The Doors.

Hey Jimmy, if you ever find this site I'm in Fort Worth phone book - GIVE ME A CALL because I've been searching for you!

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Heart was the Opening Act

on John Cougar, 1982 Nov 14

A good concert by two very good acts!

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

How Do I Know

on Molly Hatchet, 1982 Mar 6

Jimmy Hinkley saved his ticket stub so I started to save mine and still have them, in fact I have framed them.

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Getting Busted for buying a WHO bumper sticker

on The Who, 1982 Dec 1

Stood on the floor and cops were roaming looking for people to bust for buying. Someone was selling WHO bumper stickers so I reached in my wallet and pulled out a five and handed it to the guy and bought my bumper sticker. Suddenly a hand grab my wrist holding the bumper sticker and the cop thought I was making a score and when he seen what I was holding he let me go. Jimmy Hinkley said "Wow man!"

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Took My Girlfriend

on Lionel Richie, 1986 Nov 29

Sheila E was the opening act as I took my girlfriend Katie Burnett to this concert.

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Drunk as a skunk

on The Rolling Stones, 1978 Jun 17

I was fall down drunk and could hardly walk. After the concert I was resting on my back and a cop said "If you can't get up and walk I'll have to take you in."

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14


on Yes, 1974 Dec 14

Was this the concert that Procol Harum opened, Yes followed and then ELP finished off? Went to about five ELP concerts at the Spectrum.

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Another Name

on Crosby, Stills & Nash, 1978 Aug 4

Wasn't this called the Robin Hood Dell?
Moved away from Philly in 1980.
Also seen Linda Ronstadt and a few others here during the 70's.

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

On the fifth day of this festival the following played -

on Jimi Hendrix, 1970 Aug 30

Good News, Kris Kristofferson, Ralph McTell, Heaven, Free, Donovan, Pentangle, The Moody Blues, Jethro Tull, Joan Baez, Leonard Cohen and Richie Havens.

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Tommy can you hear me?

on The Who, 1970 Aug 29

Believe they played the entire rock opera Tommy at the IOW 1970 Festival.

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Was really in Amougies!!!!

on Pink Floyd, 1969 Oct 25

This festival was really held on a turnip field in Amougies, Belgium (Amourgies is NOT listed as a location to choose from so I just picked one to click on since I could not list Amourgies as the city).

It was held inside a very large circus tent and the location was change from Paris since that city had just experience severe rioting and this festival was not really wanted there so it was moved to Amourgies and became famous for Frank Zappa jamming with Pink Floyd.

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Only there one night

on Frank Zappa, 1969 Oct 25

Was on our way to Paris so I was only able to stay one night and what a night it was! It was when Frank Zappa jammed with Pink Floyd! It was a five day festival and other well known acts who were there on other nights were Ten Years After, Nice, Caravan, Yes and Captain Beefheart.


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