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Classic Rock Concerts

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Full name Vicki
Country United States
Member since August 1, 2011
1977 Sep 4Peter Frampton, Orlando
1978 Aug 5Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band, Orlando
1978 Dec 9The Doobie Brothers, Lakeland
1979 Aug 11Peter Frampton, Lakeland
1980 Aug 8Van Halen, North Fort Myers
1981 Oct 24The Rolling Stones, Orlando
1981 Oct 25The Rolling Stones, Orlando
1983 Apr 23Aerosmith, Orlando
1983 May 22Def Leppard, Lakeland
1983 Oct 16Iron Maiden, Lakeland
1984 Jul 3Judas Priest, Lakeland
1984 Oct 19Twisted Sister, Lakeland
1985 Nov 5AC/DC, Lakeland
1985 Dec 20Motley Crue, St. Petersburg
1988 Apr 2Megadeth, Palmetto
1990 Feb 16Alice Cooper, Tampa
1995 Sep 7Eric Clapton, St. Petersburg
2011 Oct 22Dream Theater, Clearwater
2012 Apr 21Rammstein, Tampa

Stories by MetalMaiden

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

The Show

on Peter Frampton, 1977 Sep 4

Rick Derringer's show was good but short.
J. Geiles was funny.
Kansas played the album 1st song to end.
Frampton sounded just like Frampton Comes Alive!
Great Show.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

My 1st Show

on Led Zeppelin, 1977 Jun 3

I was 14 years old. We got there when the gates opened & parties as we watched a storm roll in. I even took a picture of the dark clouds coming. It was hot so we didn't mind the fact that it might rain, never thinking it would cancel the show! We were on the floor and pretty close to the stage. Show started and it started raining. By the 3rd song, it was raining so hard it was hard to see! Band went off stage. Some time passed, and then all Hell broke loose. Fighting every where, we could see people in the stands fighting from our view on the field. We were trying to stay together as a group but it was getting hard because of all the pushing and shoving. A big biker guy (a stranger to me) picked me up and said something on the lines of "get up on my shoulders little lady, where you will be safe!" He carried me on his shoulders as he fought through the crowd to the edge of the field. He put me down in a safe area and told me to get out of there as soon as I could because the fighting was getting really bad and the cops were pouring into the stadium. I ran all the way to get out of the stadium! Led Zeppelin was my favorite band and I was so sad the show stopped but I assumed they would reschedule and all would be fine, NOT. They cancelled and offered refunds on the ticket stub but I chose to keep mine. There was no way I was giving that up! It is quite a memory for my 1st show ever!

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Who Else Played?

on Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, 1978 Jul 2

I went but I'll be damned if I can remember who else was on the bill!

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

The Florida World Music Festival

on Aerosmith, 1979 Apr 14

Huge Show!
Brownsville Station
Cheep Trick
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush
Ted Nugent
You had to get a wristband when you entered because there was a small 'fair' also connected to the show - it was wild!!!!!
Notice: Florida is misspelled!

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Can't remember who opened the show!

on Peter Frampton, 1979 Aug 11

Can you help?

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Who Opened?

on Jimmy Buffett, 1979 Oct 16

Can't remember who opened, can you?

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Opening Act

on Van Halen, 1980 Aug 8

The show opener was The Kats. Unfortunately, I don't remember The Kats but Van Halen put on a good show.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Went both days.

on The Rolling Stones, 1981 Oct 25

Good Show!

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Went both days.

on The Rolling Stones, 1981 Oct 24

What good shows.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Hated Journey

on Aerosmith, 1983 Apr 23

Bryan Adams was surprisingly good.
Sammy Hagar was smokin'.
Aerosmith had sound problems.
As you can see by my stubs, it rained for Journey which was OK by me, never liked them anyway.
It's funny, they were the headliner but I only wanted to see the other bands.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Good Show

on Def Leppard, 1983 May 22

Krokus opened.
Def Leppard was outstanding.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 3

My 1st Priest Show

on Judas Priest, 1984 Jul 3

They were awesome from the time they hit the stage to the end of the show. Rob in full leather & motorcycle on-stage!!! It was a great night.

Great White was the opening band.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 3

1st time to see Twisted F*****G Sister!

on Twisted Sister, 1984 Oct 19

Y & T opened.
Dokken was next & George Lynch was great.
Twisted Sister as a headline was very good. They are so fun to watch.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 4


on ronnie james dio, 1984 Nov 10

He was a class act for sure and dearly missed!

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 4

Yngwie hurt me

on AC/DC, 1985 Nov 5

The entire time Yngwie was on stage, he was fantastic, was too loud for this building and I'm no wimp but my ears ring to this day from his show that night!

AC/DC was great as usual but Angus seemed to be hitting the oxygen more than usual.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 4

Almost died that night.

on Motley Crue, 1985 Dec 20

Not a good show - Not a good night! Who cared about seeing Autograph? I sure didn't! Then Vince came out & said, "It's great to be here in Tampa tonight!" Umm, Dude - your in St. Pete, not Tampa! Then my girlfriend got locked outside the back door of the building & couldn't get back in! Finally, on the way home, Lou Panzer almost killed us all by getting into a wreck (phantom driver - it really wasn't Lou's fault) on top of the Howard Franklin Bridge. Audrey & I want to hospital in Tampa. Ahh, Let The Good Times Roll:-)

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 5

Great Blues Music

on Eric Clapton, 1995 Sep 7

I had never heard of Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown before this show. I don't know how old he was at the time of this show (he was old) but he put on a great opening show.
Eric played so well this night. I was really impressed.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 15

Who Opened?

on KISS, 1983 Dec 29

I can't remember. I think it was either Motley Crue OR Pat Traverse Band & Axe. Can anyone remember?

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MetalMaiden 2013 Mar 1

Hot Show

on Rammstein, 2012 Apr 21

All the pyro made this a very hot show and it was fantastic. Everyone in the crowd seemed to know all the words, even though it was in German! They had a gang-plank walk that took them to a 2nd small stage in the middle of the floor. Flake did the boat gimmick too.

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MetalMaiden 2013 Sep 4

Odd Matching or Location

on Dream Theater, 2011 Oct 22

I didn't realize what a funny matching these bands were until I saw this show.

Trivium came on stage, hard & heavy. They wanted the crowd to get into it, get loud, etc. but for some reason, the crowd didn't do too much. It was not for a poor performance because they were great.

It could have been one of two things; either the location is a fancy performance arts building, ushers everywhere. It just doesn't seem to promote a loud & rowdy crowd or show.

Or it could be because the match-up of bands were too different. The crowd was definitely a Dream Theater crowd, meaning a little older, maybe not into the heavier/new sound of Trivium.

Dream Theater's infamous drummer, Mike Portnoy, had been out of Dream Theater about a year so we saw them with Mike Mangini. He did a very good job & his solo was interesting.

Had a great time except for feeling a bit restrained with Trivium was performing.

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