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1971 Aug 29Led Zeppelin, New Orleans
1972 Jul 21The Allman Brothers Band, New Orleans
1975 Feb 28Led Zeppelin, Baton Rouge
1975 Aug 31The Allman Brothers Band / Marshall Tucker / Wet Willie / Charlie Daniels, New Orleans

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MatthewsPhotos 2010 Feb 8

Led Zeppelin at the Municipal Auditorium

on Led Zeppelin, 1971 Aug 29

It was a HOT and Humid August 29th, 1971, when my friend Steve and Lisa and I drove from S.L.U. in Hammond to New Orleans to go see Led Zeppelin. Lisa already had a ticket, but Steve and I didn't. So, we arrived some four hours before the show to be sure we could and did get tickets. Then, we waited! When they finally opened the doors that Hot August afternoon, I remember Lisa being ahead of Steve and I, running like the wind to get good seats. In the end, the four hour wait yielded us with eighth row seats on the floor!

The show was Most incredible! But, my biggest or longest memory was after the band came back from a break, there were four chairs set up on stage. The four members of Led Zeppelin came out and sat down and Jimmy Page began playing an Acoustic guitar. We're wondering what this was all about? As it turns out, they were playing a song from their upcoming album, released some three months later, that no one here had heard before. The name of the song? "Stairway to Heaven"! What a night!

MatthewsPhotos 2010 Feb 8

Led Zeppelin at the L.S.U. Assembly Center

on Led Zeppelin, 1975 Feb 28

While an undergraduate at L.S.U. around the mid-70's, I was a student worker (waiter) in the Plantation Room, on the third floor of the Student Union. One of the benefits of this job was the fact that when concerts came to the Assembly Center, they would need volunteers to work the shows, setting up food backstage for the performers. When this show was scheduled, my friend Kerry and I were more than eager to "volunteer", LOL!

While we were rarely in the dressing rooms with the bands (we'd set up the food and collect the food serving containers while the bands weren't in the rooms), we did have one unique advantage, LOL: Free Backstage passes!

What I will always remember about my second time seeing Led Zeppelin was that they came back for THREE Encore's! That's "3" mind you! Now, the very next day, the newspaper critic came out with a story about how "mediocre" the concert was??? Was this individual even At the concert? How many "mediocre" performances have Three encores???

One of the Kewlest memories was that Kerry and I watched the majority of the concert sitting on the bands equipment cases on the back of the stage! Then, after their Third and Final Encore, I was off stage near the steps watching the band come off stage. My memory of that moment was seeing this huge smile on Jimmy Page's face, as if to say, "Man, what a Show!" As much as I enjoyed Led Zeppelin, I only got to see them twice and this show was my last one.

MatthewsPhotos 2010 Feb 8

The Allman Brothers Band at Tad Gormley Stadium

on The Allman Brothers Band, 1972 Jul 21

I remember a friend had a cousin visiting him that summer of 1972, who just happened to bring a friend along with her. Well, I got two tickets to the concert and invited this friend. We drove across Lake Pontchartrain to go to the concert and the traffic getting to the stadium that day was horrible. But, we did make it inside before the show began. I remember that one of the opening acts was the Wet Willie band, a group I hold in very high esteem! Then, the Allman Brothers came out and put on a helluva performance!

MatthewsPhotos 2010 Feb 8

The Allman Brothers Band at the New Orleans Super Dome!

on The Allman Brothers Band / Marshall Tucker / Wet Willie / Charlie Daniels, 1975 Aug 31

I recall that at the time of this show, I didn't have enough money for tickets. The good thing was my then girl friend surprised me by buying tickets for us to go! It was one of the opening events in the Super Dome and this was gonna be a good one! Festival seating on the floor of the dome wasn't a bad place to be, but sitting on concert wasn't much fun either.

As I recollect, the concert was: Charlie Daniels band, the Wet Willie band, the Marshall Tucker band and finally the Allman Brothers band! What a concert! For Many years this was The Largest attended event in the Super Dome, somewhere around 80,000 announced in attendance.

It was a night to remember is all I can say! One that remained with me to this very day!


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