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Country United States
Member since July 4, 2011
1981 Jun 18Van Halen, Fresno
1984 Jul 3Judas Priest, Lakeland
1985 Dec 4Dio, San Bernardino
1989 Oct 21Living Colour, Los Angeles
1989 Oct 21The Rolling Stones, Los Angeles
1989 Oct 21Guns N' Roses, Los Angeles
2004 Aug 14Van Halen, Fresno
2007 Oct 2Alice Cooper, Fresno

Stories by HSHeat

HSHeat 2011 Jul 4

First time to see the Priest

on Judas Priest, 1984 Jul 3

Excellent show. The Priest at the top of their game. Great night. Don't remember who opened, though.

HSHeat 2011 Jul 4

My first concert

on Van Halen, 1981 Jun 18

This was the first concert I ever saw. Van Halen when they were one of the biggest bands in the world. Not a bad way to start.

HSHeat 2011 Jul 4

Alice Cooper on tour with Heaven and Hell and Queensryche

on Alice Cooper, 2007 Oct 2

Heaven and Hell was the headliner, The Dio era lineup revisited. Queensryche opened the show and was incredible. Alice came next and did what he always does. Very solid performance with all the twists and turns. Then Heaven and Hell came out and played in front of their castle. Great show all the way around.

HSHeat 2011 Jul 4

Reunion tour with Hagar

on Van Halen, 2004 Aug 14

Good show with Shinedown opening. Hadn't seen Van Halen since 1984. The tour ultimately blew up, but Eddie was in fine form that night.

HSHeat 2011 Dec 3

Dio on the Sacred Heart tour

on Dio, 1985 Dec 4

Excellent show. RJD ruled the stage as always. Slayed the gigantic, animated dragon. Rough Cutt opened. Great show.

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