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Classic Rock Concerts

August 19, 1981

Van Halen
TOUR in support of "FAIR WARNING"
at Civic Center, Lakeland

Opening acts: G-Force

Date August 19, 1981
Band Van Halen
Tour Fair Warning Tour
Event TOUR in support of "FAIR WARNING"
Venue Civic Center
City Lakeland, Florida, United States

Stories from this concert

Avenger2354 2010 Dec 2


Opening act was G-Force featuring Gary Moore. Eddie broke a string during "Everybody Wants Some", Diamond Dave took off on a monologue as Eddie restrung the broken string on the frankenstrat. Those were the days, now someone would just hand you another guitar...

marvinmelvin 2011 Nov 13

The Show

If I remember correctly, G-Force got booed offstage.

marvinmelvin 2012 Jul 7


Yes...they were booed offstage. Gary Moore was good but the band was horrid.

Porchdog64 2013 Sep 24

Peak of VH's success

Date concert. Summer of 17. Aah, if only to be so young and carefree again. Time wins.


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