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Classic Rock Concerts

July 13, 1968

Pink Floyd
at Grande Ballroom, Detroit

Headlining acts: The Who

Date July 13, 1968
Band Pink Floyd
Venue Grande Ballroom
City Detroit, Michigan, United States

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mguernsey 2013 May 4

pink floyd, who, etc

I lived in a Detroit suburb in 1968 and played in bands then. I went to this concert. I think it cost about $4 maybe...certainly cheap by today's standards. It really was a seminal concert for me and I remember the lineup. First up was the Frost, a local Detroit band with the frontman Dick Wagner who came to play and compose with Alice Cooper. Second was another local favorite...James Gang (Joe Walsh!). The third band we had heard something about then. We thought they were whacked but guess who it was...Pink Floyd! OMG. Lastly was the Who. I have heard that they were down about the band and it was this concert that put them back on track. I will never forget them playing Magic Bus. The road crew came out one by one with some sticks and started the rhythm that eventually led to Pete's chording and then the whole band. We were sitting on the floor maybe 15 feet from the stage (which is what we did in that era). What a great memory. Anyone else there?
Mike G


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