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Classic Rock Concerts

August 29, 1971

Led Zeppelin
at Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans

Date August 29, 1971
Band Led Zeppelin
Tour North America 1971
Venue Municipal Auditorium
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Personnel John Bonham
Jimmy Page
Robert Plant
John Paul Jones

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Stories from this concert

MatthewsPhotos 2010 Feb 8

Led Zeppelin at the Municipal Auditorium

It was a HOT and Humid August 29th, 1971, when my friend Steve and Lisa and I drove from S.L.U. in Hammond to New Orleans to go see Led Zeppelin. Lisa already had a ticket, but Steve and I didn't. So, we arrived some four hours before the show to be sure we could and did get tickets. Then, we waited! When they finally opened the doors that Hot August afternoon, I remember Lisa being ahead of Steve and I, running like the wind to get good seats. In the end, the four hour wait yielded us with eighth row seats on the floor!

The show was Most incredible! But, my biggest or longest memory was after the band came back from a break, there were four chairs set up on stage. The four members of Led Zeppelin came out and sat down and Jimmy Page began playing an Acoustic guitar. We're wondering what this was all about? As it turns out, they were playing a song from their upcoming album, released some three months later, that no one here had heard before. The name of the song? "Stairway to Heaven"! What a night!

uplinkithink1 2012 May 12

Rick Walton

MatthewsPhotos, I think you got this concert mixed up with the next. This concert was the Led Zeppelin 3 promo tour. I was running late because of girl friend. When we came through the doors, Robert Plant was making the weard vocal yawl for the beginning of the
Immigrant Song off of that same album


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