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Classic Rock Concerts

October 16, 1975

Rod Stewart
at Civic Center, Lakeland (cancelled)

Opening acts: Jeff Beck, Aerosmith

Date October 16, 1975
Band Rod Stewart
Venue Civic Center
City Lakeland, Florida, United States

Rod Stewart Cancled for the 2nd night in a row due to illness. Jeff Beck and Aerosmith performed full sets.

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TerraceYouth 2014 Feb 22

Rod Stewart did NOT perform at this show

Rod Stewart did not perform at this show. He had two shows scheduled for the Civic Center that week... one for Wednesday the 15th and the other for Thursday the 16th. My girlfriend and I attended the second show. It has been wrongly copied-&-pasted around the web for years that he canceled the 15th but played the 16th instead. He may have canceled on the 15th as well (I wasn't there). But I was there for the show on the16th (see my personal ticket stub above) so I know. My girlfriend and I had elected to miss the opening act, so we arrived between sets. But before we could find a seat, the MC came out and said that Rod was sick and would not perform, but Jeff Beck and his band would still play if people wanted to stick around. At first we were disappointed, since my girlfriend's main reason for going to the show was to see this reunion between Rod, Ronnie and Jeff. They gave us the option to get our money back if we wanted to leave, but almost everybody sat tight.

I have since heard from other fans who had tickets for the 15th, and they say the entire gig was canceled (including Jeff Beck and Aerosmith) and their tickets were honored at the 16th show. So either way, no Rod.


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