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Classic Rock Concerts

March 20, 1987

Joe Walsh
at Expo Hall, Tampa

Date March 20, 1987
Band Joe Walsh
Venue Expo Hall
City Tampa, Florida, United States

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Stories from this concert

scottv69 2014 Nov 11

low dough show

Another 95ynf low dough show. $6.95 if I recall. Me and my cousin arrived like 3 hours early on a Friday afternoon. When we got there, the place was empty. We didn't know where to park so we just picked a spot. My cousin grabbed one of his dad's bottles of rum and we proceeded to drink straight from the bottle right there in the car. About an hour later we proceed to the venue. We had two Big Gulps, so we poured one into the other and filled the empty one with the rum, about 20 oz. So we're walking and turns out to be the rear entrance that we're headed for. We approach two roadies who we conversing. The one asks the other, have you seen Joe? Answer, yeah and he's fuckked up!!! That exchange was a foreshadowing of what was to come. So we get to the back entrance, roadies just scuttling around not minding us one bit. We just realized we have gotten in free! Well, sorta. When the crowd started to file in, my cousin walked out the front, sold one of the tickets to someone in line for a buck less than day of show price then entered legitimately with the other. So showtime rolls around, about 45 min late and Joe comes out and he's bombed! I mean bombed. Slurring incoherently. Needless to say, Rick the bass player had to basically do all the greetings and addressing of the crowd. Joe ' s playing was abysmal. He had to change guitars countless times in mid song for whatever reason. It was a hot mess. But, he's Joe and he's a hero. So between our rum and the few shared tokes from a kind dude behind me and the one free ticket, it was a hell of a show. Oh, by the way, some dude named Gregg Allman joined Joe on stage for a few numbers.


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