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Classic Rock Concerts

August 18, 1999

Jeff Beck
at Ice Palace, Tampa

Opening acts: Jonny Lang

Date August 18, 1999
Band Jeff Beck
Venue Ice Palace
City Tampa, Florida, United States

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TerraceYouth 2014 Mar 6

Jonny Lang was supposed to open for Jeff but had to cancel. This was my 3rd time seeing Jeff Beck, and all three times there was a problem with the line-up. In 1975 he was supposed to open for Rod Stewart but at the last minute Rod canceled. In 1976 Tommy Bolin was supposed to open for him, but Bolin died of a drug overdose in Miami the night before. And at this show Lang was supposed to be the opener but had to cancel! It wasn't until 2003 when I saw Beck open for B.B. King that the curse was finally lifted.


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