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Classic Rock Concerts

April 23, 1983

Super Bowl of Rock
at Florida Citrus Bowl, Orlando

Other headlining acts: Aerosmith, Sammy Hagar, Bryan Adams

Date April 23, 1983
Band Journey
Event Super Bowl of Rock
Venue Florida Citrus Bowl
City Orlando, Florida, United States

Stories from this concert

gatorball 2012 Apr 24


I had just turned 17 years old 2 weeks before and I went to this concert with about 10 friends. The concert line-up was Bryan Adams, Sammy Hagar, Aerosmith and Journey. Bryan Adams was still relatively new at that time and "Cuts like a knife" was getting a lot of radio play. Sammy Hagar was riding the MTV "I Can't Drive 55" wave and Aerosmith hadn't entered rehab yet (although it soon became apparent that they truly needed it). Journey was on top of the world at this point. You couldn't listen to the radio for 10 minutes without hearing one of their songs. This was the height of their popularity and they were selling out stadiums all over the world. It was raining for a good portion of the early morning and it really started pouring when Aerosmith came on - they had trouble with their electric guitars getting wet and shorting out and Steven Tyler was completely stoned out of his mind and mumbling the words to the songs. The band walked off stage after just a few songs and we had to wait for almost 2 hours while the road crews changed over to the Journey set up and for Journey to travel from their hotel to the stadium. After being in the Florida heat since about 10 am and being alternately baked by the sun and drenched by monsoon type rains, Journey came on at nearly 9 pm and performed one of the greatest shows I have ever seen in my life. I was not a huge Journey fan before this show because they seemed to be just a "power ballad" group with songs like "Faithfully" and "Send Her My Love" clogging the radio. They came out on stage and absolutely put on a display of raw rock and roll that blew my mind. To this day, I use Journey's performance as a measuring stick when judging the quality of a concert - it was that incredible. I have been a Journey fan ever since and still hold out hope that Steve Perry will get back with the other members of the group some day. He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest rock singers who has ever lived.

marvinmelvin 2012 Jul 10

Food Fight

During the delay the stadium broke out into a full fledged food fight. An entire stadium!! Was a great time!

cutterman 2013 Apr 16

food fight?

I don't remember the food fight, but I was there. and for gatorball; I'm writing a music review for a class and I might use a few of your sayings..It was my wife and my first date, we got married a year later and Faithfully has been our song since.

Ionlyrememberparts 2013 May 7

definitely a food fight!

I was with my fiance' at this concert and even though I dont remember some parts, being 20 yrs old and very much on illegal drugs, lol...I remember the best parts...They had to hand out big pieces of visqueen for on the field and the whole bottom floor of the stadium was different colors..protecting us from the terrible rain..It was as if some one had taken a pitcher of water and dumped it on the place! The smell of weed was everywhere due to the plastic holding it underneath. Sammy Hagar and Bryan Adams were ok and like the other guy said Aerosmith sucked!! After the rain..there were frisbies and huge beach balls floating all around the place from the stands to the field and then it sudden went crazy!! There was food, cups, and anything else they could find to throw, being thrown from the stands to the ground and then back to the stands. This went on for at least a half hour, it was hilarious! This chick came walkin by us with with a quart of Jack Daniels and was really messed up. She took three steps forward, two steps back, and then fell on her face. I was with 7 people and most of the guys were 6' 2'' or more and needless to say, holding up the visqueen was so funny on that guy's side cause all the water ran down to where he was. Finally Journey came out and it was awesome!!! They did a fireworks show that with me bein on some Cid, smokin weed and a lil coke to top it put me on a trip that I will never forget..We left there went to the motel and got dressed to go to the strip bars on Orange Blossom blvd. but, bein Sunday they were all closed. I had the time of my life at that concert and have never had that much fun or heard a band play as well a Journey did that day ever since.


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