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January 31, 1975

Led Zeppelin
at Detroit Olympia, Detroit

Date January 31, 1975
Band Led Zeppelin
Tour North America 1975
Venue Detroit Olympia
City Detroit, Michigan, United States
Personnel John Bonham
Jimmy Page
Robert Plant
John Paul Jones

1. Rock and Roll
2. Sick Again
3. Over the Hills and Far Away
4. In My Time of Dying
5. The Song Remains the Same
6. The Rain Song
7. Kashmir
8. No Quarter
9. Trampled Under Foot
10. Moby Dick
11. How Many More Times
12. Stairway to Heaven
13. Whole Lotta Love / Black Dog

Recordings Detroit Just About Back
Plant Waves

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jperp 2012 Jun 29

We sat in the mezzanine level "backstage" behind the band

The Olympia was small and somewhat intimate compared to the large stadiums that Zep eventually played in. We were almost overhanging the stage. Every once in a while, Robert Plant would trend through the cables, look up, part his hair with his hands and acknowledge us sitting in the cheap seats. They played what seemed like an hour and during a break between songs he said, "Good evening." It was then we knew we were in for a good, long night. Jimmy Page at his best. Bonham was a HEAVY drummer, before he was heavy...wore the derby and the white jumpsuit if I recall. After, I had to lead my buddy out the door by the hand (acid casualty).


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