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Classic Rock Concerts

January 29, 1991

at Lakefront Arena, New Orleans

Date January 29, 1991
Venue Lakefront Arena
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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badco58 2011 Jan 29

Date Correction

Year is right but month and day is not.

jalvin 2012 Feb 19

Ted Nugent almost killed me here.

I came back from the restroom and noticed some unoccupied seats near the stage on the side, so I thought that I would sit for a while. An usher came up to me and told me to move over to the next section because they were going to be shooting arrows in this direction in a few minutes. That sounded kinda odd but I got up and moved over to the next section of "safe" seats. Well, Ted shot a arrow through a cardboard target that changed direction as it passed through and went through the chair back four seats from where I was. When the bow was safely out of Ted's hands, I retrieved the arrow. A cool free souvenir, but a dangerous one to collect.


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