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Classic Rock Concerts

June 10, 2011

at New Orleans Arena, New Orleans

Date June 10, 2011
Band Rush
Venue New Orleans Arena
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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Stories from this concert

GoodOleSothernBoy 2011 May 7

Cant Wait!

Ive seen footage of Rush playing Madison Square Garden from there show a couple weeks ago..and they sound amazing..geddy's vocals were good and the rest of the band was at the top of their game as usual..I believe this show in N.O will the first or second show after the band has a im hoping that geddy's vocals are good considering some shows they seem effected,possibly due to his age...I will write my story here after I see the show..But until then...I CANT WAIT!!

GoodOleSothernBoy 2011 Jul 10


I'm very happy to say that I was not disappointed! It is unreal that 3 guys can produce such great Rock n Roll! There was no opening act and Rush played for nearly 3 hours! It was such a great time and the crowd was really into it..drank a few beers before I got to the arena. The only bad thing was that the beer was 9$ at the arena..So I drank a few more there then put down some whiskey (next time I think i'll just put a bottle in my pocket because they dont check anyway) ..They played the entire moving pictures album which was great! I hope they come back to N.O. soon!


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