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Classic Rock Concerts

April 17, 1971

Alice Cooper
at Civic Opera House, Chicago

Other headlining acts: Alice Cooper/ The Stooges

Date April 17, 1971
Band Alice Cooper
Venue Civic Opera House
City Chicago, Illinois, United States

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ggnome 2011 Dec 10

The first and last (for a very long time) rockers at the Civic Opera House in Chicago

Maybe the Civic Opera House thought they were booking that dreamy folk singer Alice Cooper. The Stooges took care of that notion in the opening act as vasolined Iggy slid off the stage on the outstretched hands of the audience.

Love It To Death was a very fresh album (I think some/all of the studio work was done in Chicago) and Eighteen was big radio play. The Alice Cooper band opened with a dark stage featuring a large white cross (maybe 6, or so, feet high) spotligthed in the middle of the dark stage. Alice started hitting the stage with a hammer in a slow pounding rhythm and a big orangeish spotlight began "rising" up from the audience as the band started the opening "Sun Arise" number. I loved it, but still not dead. I'd been listening to the album (the one with the thumb, before the cover was pulled) constantly for many weeks.

I've been going to the shows for 40 years now (saw the latest AC line up last night 2011-12-08 in Merrillville, IN). Who didn't love Kane Roberts (look at the muscles on that dude) and the guitar machine gun.

Don't forget to look for the Alice Cooper band in Carrie Snodgress' (many parallels for me...shares my birth date, grew up in Park Ridge, IL just over the line from my Chicago neighborhood, attended NIU in DeKalb IL) "Diary of a Mad Housewife" movie (she was Oscar-nominated for this one) with Richard Benjamin and Frank Langella. Alice and Michael Bruce get cast credit on IMDB. ttfn

dubieltony 2012 May 26

2 bands pushing the envlope

I had seen the stooges before and wondered if they were going to be as crazy as they were before..yes they were...Iggy was shirtless covered with oil and glitter wearing a dogcollar (before it was fashion) jeans ripped at the crotch with red briefs hanging out and cowboyboots spraypainted silver. The songs all run into one another like some background feedback for his stage diving and spastic ballerina antics.
Alice was the first band to go stage black inbetween songs. No "hey hows everybody doin" BLACK. Like they didnt exist between songs..Ballald of Dwright Frye was very emotional "I gotta get outta here ..I gotta get outta here!" And the band was SOOO good .You could here each one separately..ALICE COOPER was a BAND NOT a MAN!


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