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Classic Rock Concerts

February 21, 1982

Black Sabbath
Tour in support of "THE MOB RULES"
at Civic Center, Lakeland

Date February 21, 1982
Band Black Sabbath
Event Tour in support of "THE MOB RULES"
Venue Civic Center
City Lakeland, Florida, United States

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Avenger2354 2010 Dec 3

Black Sabbath - Doc Holiday

The opening act was DOC HOLIDAY, with BLACK SABBATH, closing out the show.

Jabbed 2014 Jul 28

Black sabbath

The opening act was not doc Holiday. It was shooting star and cheap trick.

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BoltsFan 2014 Aug 30

Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday was definitely the opening band. Sabbath also had The Outlaws and Johnny Van Zandt opening shows during this leg of the tour.

Avenger2354 2014 Sep 19

Neither Cheap Trick nor Shooting Star was at this show. You can check out Black Sabbath gigography sites or the DIO sites. Doc Holiday was the opening act for all of the Florida cities on this tour. Cheap Trick were headliners in their own right at this time in their career, other than at huge outdoor festivals.


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