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Classic Rock Concerts

September 5, 1980

BLACK SABBATH'S "Heaven & Hell" Tour
at Civic Center, Lakeland

Headlining acts: Black Sabbath

Date September 5, 1980
Band Riot
Event BLACK SABBATH'S "Heaven & Hell" Tour
Venue Civic Center
City Lakeland, Florida, United States

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19800905 riot pic3
19800905 riot pic2
19800905 riot pic1

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Avenger2354 2010 Dec 3

Black Sabbath - Riot - Johnny Van Zant Band


Riot kicked some ass. Not exactly like having Van Halen as the opening act, but they did well. Afterwards I went out and bought the album they were supporting, "Fire Down Below". Has some great songs like, "Swords and Tequila"


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