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Classic Rock Concerts

September 5, 1980

Black Sabbath
TOUR in support of "HEAVEN & HELL"
at Civic Center, Lakeland

Opening acts: Riot

Date September 5, 1980
Band Black Sabbath
Event TOUR in support of "HEAVEN & HELL"
Venue Civic Center
City Lakeland, Florida, United States

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Photos from this concert

19800905 black sabbath pic9
19800905 black sabbath pic8
19800905 black sabbath pic7
19800905 black sabbath pic6
19800905 black sabbath pic5
19800905 black sabbath pic4
19800905 black sabbath pic3
19800905 black sabbath pic2
19800905 black sabbath pic1
19800905 black sabbath

Stories from this concert

Avenger2354 2010 Dec 3


The opening act was JOHNNY VAN ZANT BAND, followed by RIOT, then BLACK SABBATH, closing out the show.

"War Pigs" was the opening song. The band had Ronnie James Dio at the helm in support of "Heaven and Hell".

PETERGEHRIS1963 2012 Nov 24

Black Sabbath


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BoltsFan 2014 Aug 30

Blinded by the light

My friend and I were on the wall when Sabbath hit the stage and all I remember is a bright flash and a loud boom when they opened with "War Pigs". I don't remember Johnny Van Zant but I think we got to the show after it started as I just remember the band Riot opening. Vinny Appice was on drums as Bill Ward was having issues and the band booted him off the tour.

I never got to see Sabbath with Ozzy but I loved the H&H album and Dio with Sabbath was incredible.

I posted the best pictures I have from this concert. There are also pics of "Riot" if you click on their link next to opening acts.


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