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Classic Rock Concerts

November 4, 1978

Jazz North American Tour
at Civic Center, Lakeland

Date November 4, 1978
Band Queen
Event Jazz North American Tour
Venue Civic Center
City Lakeland, Florida, United States

1."We Will Rock You (Fast)"
2."Let Me Entertain You"
3."Somebody To Love"
4."If You Can't Beat Them"
5."Death On Two Legs"
6."Killer Queen"
7."Bicycle Race"
8."I'm In Love With My Car"
9."Get Down, Make Love"
10."You're My Best Friend"
11."Now I'm Here"
12."Spread Your Wings"
13."Dreamer's Ball"
14."Love Of My Life"
16."It's Late"
17."Brighton Rock"
18."Fat Bottomed Girls"
19."Keep Yourself Alive"
20."Bohemian Rhapsody"
21."Tie Your Mother Down"
22."Sheer Heart Attack"
23."We Will Rock You"
24."We Are The Champions"
25."God Save The Queen"

Recordings Ten minutes of silent 8mm bootleg video exist.

People who were at this concert

Stories from this concert

PETERGEHRIS1963 2012 Nov 24

Queen - 1st Concert

I attended with our youth group, about location of us! I was 15 and it was a whole brand new experience! Walked into Arena and the smell of weed was every where! The bathroom was full of fans selling everything you would want.

Freddie and Brian rocked the stage. It was great!!

realwizard 2013 Apr 27


The setlist is very likely incorrect, as they were doing Sheer Heart Attack into Keep Yourself Alive for the first couple weeks of the tour (this is the case on October 28 in Dallas and November 6 in Washington).


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