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Classic Rock Concerts

December 12, 1976

Lakeland Civic Center
at Civic Center, Lakeland

Opening acts: Uriah Heep

Date December 12, 1976
Event Lakeland Civic Center
Venue Civic Center
City Lakeland, Florida, United States

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Stories from this concert

pkb76d 2011 Feb 24

ace gets shocked

went to see opening act. ace got shocked and went down. band played wo for a song or two

Flsun 2011 Sep 19

saw ace get shocked

wow 35 years ago I was there sitting up over at ace's side of stage saw him go down then they came out and took him back behind the amps watched them work on him a bit then got up, after a while he came back out and played some more, dec, 12 2011 will be 35 years ago

growingincircles 2011 Nov 11

17 years old. less than a month before navy boot camp

Rode from Tampa to Lakeland with my best friend Jeff on his Honda CB100 motorcycle. We could barely travel at 55mph on that bike. Kept trying to draft semi's but they would leave us in the dust. Concert is a blur but I do remember Ace getting shocked. I thought it was part of the show till later. Don't remember the ride home but I guess I made it. What great memories from those days.

marvinmelvin 2011 Nov 13

First show - 12 years old

KISS...What else can be said. What a first concert to much smoke I got a contact high. Great show! Seen a few hundred since but none will top this one. KISS when they were on top of the rock world!


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