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Classic Rock Concerts

November 12, 1978

Johnny Winter
at Ole Man Rivers, New Orleans

Date November 12, 1978
Band Johnny Winter
Venue Ole Man Rivers
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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Rampage 037
76concert 2010 Jul 22

Winter In The Fall

Incredible show and neat venue. It was a long time ago but you don't forget something like Johnny Winter. Small intimate venue and we had seats a few feet away from stage. Johnny was awesome and his playing seemed effortless and magical on his part. I remember Johnny's girlfriend or friend girl sat near the back of the stage. He played that trademark firebird and wore his black leather beret. Played a combination of rock and was truly red, hot and blue!
Butch Mudbone opened the show and he was incredible. I remember his drummer set his drum sticks on fire and was playing and juggling the firey sticks all at once. It was quite a site, especially in such a small atmosphere.


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