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Classic Rock Concerts

March 16, 2003

Styx/Reo Speedwagon
at Lakefront Arena, New Orleans

Date March 16, 2003
Band Styx/Reo Speedwagon
Venue Lakefront Arena
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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Stories from this concert

alwizard99 2010 Jul 12

Camera Thiefs loose

I was sitting in my seat snapping pictures of Reo Speedwagon when several security Guys came and told Me i either had to leave the venue or take my camera down stairs to the security office where i could get it after the show. Well I gave them the Camera and was turning to head back to the Elevator when the Guys from Styx walked up looking for thier dressing room and I thought do they not have people to meet them and show them where to go guess not well I had no Camera but I did have a program and I got them all to sign it so I came out ahead after the show i retrieved my camera and found that they had not deleted the pics of Reo that I had taken.


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