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Classic Rock Concerts

June 12, 2001

Journey/Peter Frampton/John Waite
at New Orleans Arena, New Orleans

Date June 12, 2001
Band Journey/Peter Frampton/John Waite
Venue New Orleans Arena
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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Stories from this concert

alwizard99 2010 Jul 12

Swapped Seats

Took My two daughters to this show had decent seats but this very nice woman offered to switch seat so i could better pictures i agreed and went up to row 5 on the floor and got my pictures.When the show was close to the end I made My way back and my girls were both mad at me seems the lady switched spots with a drunk who bothered them the entire show but when they told Him i was comming He got up and left.
Journey was way better than i thought without Steve Perry the replacement was pretty good and very excited to be up there. John Waite was very good have always liked his voice but the Man I came to see was Peter Frampton and man can He play have always been a fan.


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