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Classic Rock Concerts

September 16, 1964

The Beatles
at Tad Gormley Stadium, New Orleans

Date September 16, 1964
Band The Beatles
Venue Tad Gormley Stadium
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

People who were at this concert

Stories from this concert

wallerby 2011 Jan 4


Wow! We sneaked in...climbed over the gate at the end of the field. The stage was so little...tiny! I was only nine years old! My first concert EVER! I didn't even know who the Beatles were...

themanii 2012 May 27

Beatles Concert

We didn't sneaked in - My whole family walked for free .The gates were opened . My dad was 55 yrs old and parked right next to the one of the entrance and my Mom and two sisters were there. I was 10. Awesome amazing

Stevebubba 2013 Jul 2

Seen but not heard!

Although big fun, even without all the wild screaming, the sound would have been minimal. The amps were about the same as a small garage band might have. I was 15 at the time and having just moved to Pass Christian Mississippi from Washington State, my parents drove me over to the concert as well as a stop at the small motel in New Orleans East where The Beatles were staying, because the Moneleone bumped them at the last minute for security fears. I still have some fun photos...somewhere. Didn't sneak in, paid the $5!

Kat20001 2014 Nov 25

The Beatles Close Up

Leaving the concert we got pushed up against the Beatles limo under the stadium - and there they were, only a glass away.


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