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Classic Rock Concerts

June 10, 1979

Blue Oyster Cult, Boston,Heart, Van Halen, Nazereth, Sammy Hagar
A day of Rock & Roll
at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

Headlining acts: Van Halen

Date June 10, 1979
Band Blue Oyster Cult, Boston,Heart, Van Halen, Nazereth, Sammy Hagar
Event A day of Rock & Roll
Venue Louisiana Superdome
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Stories from this concert

Debbijean 2011 Jun 6


Stationed in Pensacola Florida at the time...drove to New Orleans after work with three ship mates...partied hardy!

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beckylomax 2011 Aug 17


I was at this concert. I was 17 years old and I had flown down from Illinois and heard about it on the radio. My friend and I walked to the Superdome from our Bourbon Street hotel. We were right at the stage, and there was a very cute boy, so I handed him a business card that said "Smile if you want to get high". He smiled. He had hitchhiked down from Arkansas to see the concert. I invited him back to my hotel.....and now that boy and I have 3 kids and one grandson!!! So, EXCELLENT concert, and I met my future!

dustyrockaholic1979 2013 Jan 23


My brother, who is 4 years my junior had always been on me about not taking him to New Orleans, although I had been there with my brother-in-law and wife, as well as several times alone... Therefore, when the concert was advertised I suprised him with tickets. He and I arrived at NO on Friday, did the whole Bourbon Street, Fat City and the whole deal was thrown together... The concert started Sunday around noon, and when we left to haul butt to Jackson, Ms. for work around 2am Monday the show was sitll going strong... I had made a list of the bands we saw, for I knew I was too "GONE" to remember... It had to have been the greatest concert I had ever attended.... I was 25 then and am now 59, SO, this is one of my greatest memories... My favorite part was the light show with "Don't Look Back" by Boston...Now for you young whippersnappers out there, you can not imagine how wonderful it is to hear R&R when it is not digitized and electronically arranged... ROCK ON!!!!

Closerange 2013 Jul 24

Some of the greatest bands ever!!

Can Can (Caran) and I shared a Suite at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel with another couple. I was seven days short of 22, she was 19. Walked to the Superdome. We had a blast. Seeing old videos of Ann and Nancy Wilson from back in the day still get me going..(Back to the concert). I remember the lead guitar player for Heart climbing to the top of the stacks and playing a solo. The dual lead guitars of Boston,just like the album.WOW! Van Halens killer first album..David Lee Roth playing solo acoustic and singing Ice Cream Man, cool..Nazareth rockin and a rollin..The last band Blue Oyster Cult rocked until the wee hours of the morning..Walked back to the hotel. My favorite concert, ever....

lthrart 2013 Nov 11

Great day and night

Fourteen hours of.Rock and Roll, seemingly endless talent. Blue Oyster Cult had a running Harley lowered onstage, wow. At.four A.M. the edges of the floor were.littered with kids who had passed out from overindulgence and exhaustion. A teenage.wasteland, one night they wouldn't forget, although they may not remember much of it.


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