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Classic Rock Concerts

October 9, 1977

at Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans

Date October 9, 1977
Band Yes
Venue Municipal Auditorium
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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uplinkithink1 2012 May 12

Rick Walton

Great concert! However, I went with a full cast on my leg... A diehard Yes fan. The problem was that it was general admission. A croud of hundreds at the Basin South entrance and it was a repeat of the Riverfront with the who in Cincinnati, but a lighter version of it. Someone in the rear yelled out "the doors are opened" when they were not and a stampede followed. I was being forced up steps with a cast on from hundreds in the rear. Scared the hell out of me. The concert was mystical as all Yes concerts were.
I think that I remember a national campaign to do away with general admission rock concerts after the Who thing.


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