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Classic Rock Concerts

November 20, 1971

Emerson, Lake & Palmer \ Curved Air
at The Warehouse, New Orleans

Date November 20, 1971
Band Emerson, Lake & Palmer \ Curved Air
Venue The Warehouse
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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uplinkithink1 2012 May 12

Rick Walton

Went to this one with good friend Kevin Woodworth. I think that I remember bringing carpet for the floor which was as good as a ticket. Yet, on the weekends I practically lived at the Warehouse in the early 70s and I saw ELP a couple of times there. So, I could be wrong. The new bar on the stage left side had not been built yet. The whole bar platform was made of 2 by 4s as I remember. That is of what I could remember due to a lack of o2 because of some weird filler smoke that seem to be in your face from beginning to end.


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