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Classic Rock Concerts

April 16, 1978

in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Date April 16, 1978
Band Journey
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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Rampage 037
76concert 2010 Jul 20

A Good Dose of Heavy Metal In The Crescent City

Great show at the Old Brick Warehouse. Remember heading on over after consuming Hurricanes at Pat O'Brians. Journey was a hot item and on the heels of their "Infinity" item. Boy, that Neal Schon could play! Concerts at the Warehouse were a ton of fun and the air very thick. Usually such a large sea of people it was difficult to move and/or breathe. It seems as if they had an upstairs bar way over to the left of the stage area. A great 3 band concert I will long remember. Van Halen opened, then Montrose, then Journey


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