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Classic Rock Concerts

October 14, 1980

Black Sabbath
Billed as Black and Blue
at Capital Centre, Landover

Other headlining acts: Blue Oyster Cult

Date October 14, 1980
Band Black Sabbath
Event Billed as Black and Blue
Venue Capital Centre
City Largo, Landover, Maryland, United States

Stories from this concert

SBgtr1 2010 Dec 28

Missed Sabbath

There was a warm up band, and the Cap Center security was very rough, beating people who stood on their seats or refused to sit down on the floor. BOC was great, but the drummer was so loud he sounded like a machine gun on the snare drum! We had to leave b/f midnight (was a school night!), and Sabbath came on after that. Saw the movie, would love a copy....

heepfan 2010 Dec 28

What Movie

SBgtr1. said there was a movie of Black and Blue. I have never herd of this. Do you have any more info. Email me at my name here on AOL.

profhemispheres 2013 Nov 16

Black and Blue Tour

Cannot remember who opened for BOC, but I do remember Sabbath coming on after midnight, and yes, we had school the next day, which I skipped and slept in. I went to this show with a bunch of friends and we of course got so toasted, that by the time Sabbath came on everyone was ready to go home and fall asleep. To me, Sabbath was nothing without Ozzy….Dio just didn't cut it for me. Anyway, the band came on too late, and I think the crowd's energy level had died by then as I remember.


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