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Classic Rock Concerts

July 19, 1981

Day of Rock and Roll
at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

Other headlining acts: Heart
Opening acts: REO Speedwagon, Foghat, Ted Nugent, The Rockets

Date July 19, 1981
Band Heart
Event Day of Rock and Roll
Venue Louisiana Superdome
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Stories from this concert

McDaddy 2010 Mar 20


A long day of fun and parties, out of smokes and out of money

jdafan 2010 May 16

Good ole days

Partied til you puke, but great music and show.

alwizard99 2010 May 17

3rd Day of Rock and Roll

This was the third annual Day of Rock and Roll all have been great shows.I passed out for about a hour or so and missed REO Speedwagon but I saw the rest pills and booze are bad kids do not do it.I am suprised I survived the 70's and 80's calmed down in the 90's.


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