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Classic Rock Concerts

April 16, 2000

KISS/Ted Nugent / Skid Row
at New Orleans Arena, New Orleans

Date April 16, 2000
Band KISS/Ted Nugent / Skid Row
Venue New Orleans Arena
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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alwizard99 2010 Jul 12

Kiss still Rocks

Let Me start by saying that I was wearing a sling as I had just had shoulder surgery.I went with my friend Russell and during Kiss a my partner made a beer run and this guy comes over and sits in his seat well i let Him know someone was sitting there and He told Me in a not so nice way He was sitting there I guess he could tell I was in no shape to do much about it well a few minutes of being uncomfortable later I saw Russell comming and pointed Him out when He seen Russell was not only healthy but a large mean looking fellow the kids call Him the Big Bad Man He got the hech out of there quick. I survived untarnished thinking how lucky the fella was that my arm was in a sling and I was on so many pain pills and so much beer.Back to the show you would think all of this would put a damper on things but no Skid Row tried because without Sebastian they are not good enough to open for Ted or Kiss
Ted was awesome he always is shot his guitar with a flamming arrow while it was moving i wonder if he ever misses? Kiss rocked there Butts off great show one of the best i have seen that they have played with the original lineup.


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