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Classic Rock Concerts

September 2, 1989

The Who
at The Astrodome, Houston

Other headlining acts: The Who/Fabulous Thunderbirds/Stevie Ray Vaughan
Opening acts: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Date September 2, 1989
Band The Who
Venue The Astrodome
City Houston, Texas, United States
Personnel Pete Townshend
Roger Daltrey
John Entwistle
John Bundrick
Simon Philips

People who were at this concert

Stories from this concert

beeman777 2008 Jul 28

Opening acts

I think the opening acts were Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and then The Who. An outstanding concert. But I was hoping someone could steer me to a database that confirms the more complete show, set lists, etc. Just wondering. The years can play tricks on the memory. Just trying to see if anyone lese remembers this one the way I do.

classicrocker 2010 May 22

Other Music

I remember seeing Joe "King" Carrasco play, but he may have been on an outdoor stage or next door in an arena. There was some sort of festival going on.

JonDill 2012 Dec 23

Biggest Party in History!

Hosted by Randy Quaid to benefit the Special Olympics. (a setlist for The Who performance can be found at ) The free outdoor show did indeed include Joe "King" Carrasco on one of the 3 stages around the Astrodome. I have alot of newspaper articles about this event so if anyone needs any other info I'll do my best to help!


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