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Classic Rock Concerts

October 24, 1981

The Rolling Stones
at Orlando Stadium, Orlando

Opening acts: Van Halen, Henry Paul Band

Date October 24, 1981
Band The Rolling Stones
Tour American Tour 1981
Venue Orlando Stadium
City Orlando, Florida, United States

Photos from this concert

T_rolling stones_van halen_10_24and25_81

Stories from this concert

slick1ru2 2011 Jul 18

Hot Humid Overcast and Memorable

The first of the last Rolling Stone tours you had send money in and hope you got a ticket, it was $50! We usually bought tickets from Kubans in Sarasota so this was different. The day started with me picking up my buddies Mike and Mike for the 3 hour drive from Sarasota to Orlando. I had some room temp Miller beer in the car and had that for breakfast. My buddy Mike H. was the real Stones fan, I was along for the ride, lol. Well, I was the ride. At this point in time stadium seating wasn't the rule yet. For the first band and Van Halen we were in the stands on the right side of the stage, before the Stones we made our way to the front of the stage, middle, right at the barrier. The was the second time in a 2 years I had seen Van Halen. DLR made it a point of saying, This is for the local newspaper critic" and then shot the crowd a moon! HHAHAA It was muggy and overcast as all get out and periodically security would spray us with what was probably reclaimed water for irrigation that was loaded with chlorine and burned our eyes but helped cool us off. When the show started, there was Mick, probably 20 feet away, in his spandex and knee protectors. This was the show that he wore a cape at times and went over the crowd in a cherry picker. There was a guy that when the concert started was on something, he was standing next to us and kept leaning on people, sleeping standing up. You'd shove him off and he would wake for a minute and then go back to sleep and lean on someone else. All the while my buddy Mike is urging me to deck him which I didn't. He eventually was pushed out of the center of the crowd. There was also a little girl next to me having trouble seeing. When Keith Richards started singing She's My Little Rock N Roll she asked to go on my shoulders, I'm 6'3". Sure! So she goes up and is doing all kind of jumping up and down. I have a bad back and even though I was 18, I had to let her down after that one. Well, she asked the next tall guy and he said sure and ended up they left the concert together. Curse you bad back, lol. Excellent show. Like I said, I wasn't really into the Stones but the minute they hit the stage I was screaming like a girl, haha. Great show. Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner on the speakers on the way out, classic. One of our friends who didn't ride with us said he did some acid, missed the show and ended up waking up in some pickup truck bed after it was over,.

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MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Went both days.

What good shows.

Deathmagnet 2012 May 24

The Concert

and don't forget the the bright pink stage they had set up. with the 2 catwalks on both side for mick to run on.

AmazonStar 2013 May 13

Awesome Show!

I was right up against the stage at this show. We slept on the sidewalk, and ran in the second the gates opened!

Bolt logo
BoltsFan 2014 Aug 30

Video memory

Not sure which day this was shot at but anyway here's "Under My Thumb" from that weekend:


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