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Classic Rock Concerts

July 13, 1978

The Rolling Stones
at Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

Opening acts: Van Halen, The Doobie Brothers

Date July 13, 1978
Band The Rolling Stones
Tour US Tour 1978
Venue Louisiana Superdome
City New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

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alwizard99 2010 May 17


the Stage was huge and had a section that came out like a huge tounge Mick was wearing a flat looking cap not sure what they call them. Kind of Wild You star with Van Halen Heavy Rock high leaps to a laid back at times sitting on stools Doobie Brothers to back to a faster paced Rolling Stones set.Great Show Van Halen was amazing I did not know a whole lot about them at the time always have loved the Doobies and the Stones always rock this was no exception.Still got my poster 847 of 1000 signed by the artist and a 78 tour poster signed by the Band but that is another story.

FormerFlaGirl264 2010 Jul 5

Great Concert

This was the record crowd at the Dome for like 30 years or something. Loved the Doobie Bros. too.

TeddyJack 2011 Mar 16

This was wild as it gets. Me, Tony M and Carl P. Crazy insane and i think we went to the show too

GregH3000 2014 Dec 30

VH blew the Dome off

I was 19 at the time, and when Eddie Van Halen slid out on the Rolling Stones' tongue wailing on "Eruption," I think about 80,000 jaws hit the floor. VH only played 30 minutes, super tight and focused (unlike later years), and stole the show. Both the Doobies and Stones were boring in comparison, and Mick Jagger was especially pathetic trying to climb the side gantry in some desperate attempt to be outrageous.


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