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Classic Rock Concerts

June 17, 1978

The Rolling Stones
at John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia

Opening acts: Foreigner

Date June 17, 1978
Band The Rolling Stones
Tour US Tour 1978
Venue John F. Kennedy Stadium
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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Rolling stones cd - 1978-06-17
Rolling stones 1978-06-17
1978-06-17 - rolling stones
Rolling stones - jfk stadium - philadelphia, pa
Rolling stones - jfk stadium - philadelphia, pa
Rolling stones - jfk stadium - philadelphia, pa
Rolling stones - philadelphia, pennsylvania 1978-06-17

Stories from this concert

PaulStrauser 2011 Feb 14

Drunk as a skunk

I was fall down drunk and could hardly walk. After the concert I was resting on my back and a cop said "If you can't get up and walk I'll have to take you in."

ezeerider 2011 Sep 4

Cops put me in jail at this one... but I still saw the Stones

Got there real early the night before.... like 2am. Drove up there in my fluorescent green 65 Dodge step van with some stragglers from a party the night before. Minding my own business, talking to some chicks in crowd out in the parking lot, when some assholes start throwing beer bottles at the Philly cops riding thru the crowds on horseback. One cop thought I was throwing bottles and beat me over the head with his billy club.... I fell down, my chain wallet came out of my pocket and $300 fell out... the cop snatched it up and when I demanded my money back he beat me unconscious and threw me in the paddy wagon. I woke up in jail, wasted and pissed off, screaming at the cops to give my shit back. The jail was so close to the stadium I could hear Foreigner playing at the stadium. So they decide to let me out, all I got back was an empty wallet... no money, no ID, no concert shirt, no tickets.... but since I was out of state and on probation anyway, driving with an expired license, I figured I wouldn't complain too much about my shit missing. There's a few other details I probably shouldn't mention, but I DID get into the show and saw the Stones. Wouldn't have made it back from Philly without hitch hikers payin for my gas. Those were the day. Ha.

Grapost 2012 Jan 3

The Rolling Stones - JFK Stadium - Philadelphia, Pa. 1978-06-17

On June 17, 1978, The Rolling Stones performed before a crowd of 100,000 fans. Opening acts included Bob Marley's former bandmate Peter Tosh and Foreigner. After The Stones finished their set, rowdy concert goers began throwing anything they could get, onto the stage that was shaped into The Rolling Stones "tongue" logo. Damage to the stage was estimated at a million dollars as smoke came pouring out marring an otherwise great day of vintage Rolling Stones.

I managed to work my way down near front of the stage so I could take some photos. Brought with me a plastic bucket I picked up near a concession stand. Stood on the bucket so I could see over people's heads to take photos. The jerks in back of me keep whining about me blocking their view, so I would give them a chance to stand on the bucket for a while to shut them up. Left as soon as the show was over. Didn't know about the stage destruction until I read about it in the paper the next day. People were pissed because The Stones played a really short set and felt cheated. Took a bunch of photos which I still still have. I uploaded a few here.

There is a Bootleg CD audience recording of this show in circulation. Read a review here:

csdaigle 2012 Sep 4

What a mess!!!

I remember we were in a massive mosh pit trying to get to the doors...some say it was raining I remember it being hot ??? well we had to abandon the coolers we brought as we were being mashed against the other ppl to the point I remember comming up off the ground supported by bodies that were also not on the ground!!! LOL all this was just to get in!!!! I was 17 and with a bunch of bikers who got us right up front!!! good till the bottles that were being thrown at the stage fell short and were hitting us!!! the Stones did not come out for an encore and all hell broke loose!!! LOL

pTeri 2013 Mar 22

I seem to remember a baby grand piano being broken?...

I was 17 and this was my first road trip with my friends in my friend's new car, driving that car for the first time on the highways...that was the beginning :) We headed up from LI, NY the night before, slept in the car, crawled out of said car amidst chaos-people everywhere! It was a muddy mess and everyone was pressed against eachother, so that if one person lifted an arm-the whole crowd of us shifted! Too funny-great show, but, yes-I remember that bottle flying up toward the stage and missing and that's when all hell broke loose and the stage was trashed-piano breaking, the works. One of the better experiences of my life!!! I then managed to see them 2x @ Giant's Stadium, 1x in London & a Garden show-before their ticket prices went up to whatever absurd price they are/were this past year or two.

bcbob 2013 Aug 17

Cold and crappy

Maybe it was warm in the pit, but for June - it was rainy and chilly in the stands. My ride showed up (driving up from Baltimore) and I was still in bed - no time to think, I just ran out the door in shorts, flip-flops and a T-shirt. I remember buying a Stones T-shirt just to help stay warm. Tosh was great, Foreigner - meh and the Stones ... well, they were just OK and then played too short and didn't come out for an encore. They were just generally sloppy with their music and the show and didn't really seem to care. They toured again in 1981 and their 2nd show was in Philly. A friend asked if I wanted to go and I said, nah - been there, done that. He reported that they were awesome (of course). So I did manage to score tickets at the Cap Centre later in the tour and indeed they were infinitely tighter with a lot more energy on this tour than the one in 78.


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