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Classic Rock Concerts

April 23, 1983

Super Bowl of Rock
at Florida Citrus Bowl, Orlando

Other headlining acts: Journey, Sammy Hagar, Bryan Adams

Date April 23, 1983
Band Aerosmith
Tour Rock in a Hard Place
Event Super Bowl of Rock
Venue Florida Citrus Bowl
City Orlando, Florida, United States

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IMMICEELF 2010 Aug 3

This show was actually headlined by Journey. It was the Frontiers Tour.
Opening bands - Bryan Adams, Sammy Hagar and Aerosmith

jamicat 2011 May 30

Show Notes...

Bryan Adams sounded good.
Sammy Hagar was a Monster at that time.
Steven Tyler's Mic wasn't working in the opening he got pissed :)
It started raining by the time Journey came on if I remember correctly.

Scanned image 111930025
MetalMaiden 2011 Aug 1

Hated Journey

Bryan Adams was surprisingly good.
Sammy Hagar was smokin'.
Aerosmith had sound problems.
As you can see by my stubs, it rained for Journey which was OK by me, never liked them anyway.
It's funny, they were the headliner but I only wanted to see the other bands.

Slide in
obermansk 2013 Aug 5

First jumbo tron

If I remember correctly(it was the 80's) it was the first or at most second time I had seen a jumbo tron. Sammy ran around and climbed up into the stage rigging to play it was freakish. Have you seen the insurance commercial were the guy says I saw journey in the 80's chicks everywhere. I rest my case


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