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Classic Rock Concerts

December 22, 1977

at Capital Centre, Landover

Date December 22, 1977
Band Aerosmith
Tour Aerosmith Express
Venue Capital Centre
City Largo, Landover, Maryland, United States

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profhemispheres 2013 Nov 16

I was thereā€¦

Not a good Aerosmith show. The band sounded ragged this night, and Stephen Tyler appeared to be in some kind of funk. I remember we were all psyched, as Styx was supposed to open this show. The Grand Illusion album had just broken big, and as a result Styx pulled out at the last minute to headline their own shows. Golden Earring opened the show for Aerosmith. I saw Kiss right around this same time period in Largo, and their show blew Aerosmith away. There is footage of this show on YouTube:


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