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Classic Rock Concerts

July 10, 1976

at Comiskey Park (I), Chicago

Date July 10, 1976
Band Aerosmith
Tour Rocks
Venue Comiskey Park (I)
City Chicago, Illinois, United States

People who were at this concert

Stories from this concert

trombonereddy 2010 Sep 24

windy city presents world series of rock

Old comiskey park, day was swellerting hot. we were some where outfield behind 2nd base. but hell, we were behind at least 10,000 other mothers that didnt know where they were either. temps reported to be over 110 that day. The line up as I recall....Yancy Dillinger, Jeff Beck, Yan Harmer and Aerosmith. At some point a fire started in the upperdeck seats. Whoa... crowd in outfield moved in a mass unified group towards infield. "Where are we goin?" Then I found a full 4 finger bag of fun. Firehoses were being hosed in the area of smoke, people begining to scatter. Fire dept hosed down people in the infield, well needed relief from the heat. Aerosmith around this time had tried to start and evenually they said they couldnt see through the smoke. But came on a cooked as hot as the day. Fell off my boyfriends shoulders, pissed off some folks, so kept movin on. At least this is how I think I remember. Have the concert ticket still, $10.00 rain or shine.

sbrawsm 2011 Apr 14

First Concert

It was my first concert and I was 15 years old. Remember the fire that broke out in the bleachers? I also remember people throwing naked people up in the air with blankets. We were smoking some awful Mexican weed. WHat a show!

boc2u 2012 Aug 27

Amazing Concert

I was down in front center stage. The Goodyear blimp was flying around that day so I didn't take much notice when a big shadow came over the stage- until Jeff Beck stopped playing in the middle of a song and all of a sudden I heard a kind of low murmuring throughout the crowd. That's when I saw the plume of smoke rising from the outfield bleachers. I turned around and saw Jeff just looking at the crowd with this kind of almost disgusted look on his face. I yelled out, "Well, PLAY SOMETHING mother effer!" Jeff Beck looked at me, pointed, and laughed- and then started tearing it up again!

hoosierbob56 2013 Aug 31

Fire fire fire

Recall the fire. Not sure about fire hoses being used on the infield... but recall that Bill Veeck, Sox owner had installed showers for the baseball fans in the stands and we used those to cool off. Had some pics from the concert, we were on inflield about 50 yds from the stadium, hot but a great time. The lineup was Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, Jan Hammer and Rick Derringer.

guitarnowski 2014 Aug 24

Hot Hot Hot

I ended up nearly with heat stroke, after being in approximately center field all day. The only shade we had all day was from the goddam fire! By the time Aerosmith came on, I just didn;t give a damn. (Made up for it this year! )
Jeff Beck and Jan Hammer played together. Missed Derringer's whole set because we went to buy a lousy hotdog. And don't forget the first opener: the Stu Day band. I had seen them open for someone else too. They were not well appreciated; kinda sucked actually: some sort of Mott the Hoople meet Dylan clones.


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